Taeyang Press Photos from the K-Pop Super Concert in Busan (111028)

Taeyang reportedly performed Superstar, Where U At and I’ll Be There at the October 28 SBS Kpop Super Concert (which I believe was previously announced as the Busan Fireworks festival.)

More photos under the cut.

Is his hair going on 3 colors now or is it just the lights? Not that it doesn’t suit him but he’s looking a bit more like a paintbrush as time goes on. Loving the detail on the pants though, and he looks healthy and glowing in these photos. (We’ll be  posting any  fancams when they come up.)

Press photos as tagged via YB Mania.


6 thoughts on “Taeyang Press Photos from the K-Pop Super Concert in Busan (111028)”

  1. Always great to see YB performing and having fun.
    And oh, the last song was Superstar. I figured it would be either that or Breakdown.
    Looks like he redid the blond after the Vogue Night Out. I like that he’s changing it up, but I’m ready for him to go back to black. Guess I hate change more than YB! Haha

  2. When I look at the highlights today, hmmm, I dunno…the hair doesn’t look as out-of-place given the pants and jacket. His punk look is almost complete, except for the white shirt and sneakers maybe.
    But when his new album drops and it’s R&B / hiphop, I would also prefer it if he went back to R&B style

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