Taeyang at the Kpop Super Concert in Busan (111028) – Fancams

Without further ado.. fancams!

Where U At and I’ll Be there

Uploaded by urthesun1

More under the cut

Uploaded by Juckdo (sol-mate)

Uploaded by Juckdo (sol-mate)

Ment + Superstar

Uploaded by urthesun1

Uploaded by Juckdo (sol-mate)

Uploaded by Juckdo (sol-mate)

Hello everyone, I’m Taeyang!  I think this is the first time doing a solo rather than a Big Bang stage in Busan.  Is everyone having fun?  (Audience: Yes!”)

Then I’m going to see how prepared you are for this event.  Busan,  say “Eh!”…  A little bit louder —  Busan, say “Yeah!”….”Yeah,yeah!” …Now scream!

I’m so glad/happy to be able to be a part of this event.  I hope that you enjoy the event till the end.  I’ll sing the last song now and then go home, go back to Seoul.   Let’s go – Superstar!

(Thanks for the translation piglet!)


I’ll Be There – Uploaded by Juckdo (sol-mate)

Superstar- Uploaded by Juckdo (sol-mate)


Thanks to all the uploaders!


19 thoughts on “Taeyang at the Kpop Super Concert in Busan (111028) – Fancams”

  1. So who else noticed the new moves? (If you weren’t too distracted by the stars on his pants – as I was the first time I watched the fancams.) Seems like he’s been picking up some things during his break. Makes me wonder if some new choreo is being worked on somewhere….hmm.

    LOL – Loved the little bow to the MCs during Superstar. And I really liked the performance – he looked relaxed and like he was having a great time. I like it when he breaks from the expected choreo and sort of freestyles a bit.

    1. I noticed the new moves!!! Does that make us sound obsessed bc we can tell when YB has changed up his performances a little bit? Hahha

      And I love it when he’s goofing around on stage. The bowing to the MCs and that almost-at-the-end pose for Superstar. YB performing and having tons of fun….just what I needed!!!

      1. In addition to new moves, seems like YB’s got some new pants. Grey ones for the rehearsal and black ones for the actual performance?

        1. yups.. love the different moves he did..

          and the pants with the stars lol.. wonder what brand? it’s his favorite new thing now?

  2. I wish he would sing other songs from his solar album. He’s been doing these three songs so much, I would think he’s promoting them for the first time again

    1. I actually agree, but I guess these are some of the few songs he’s allowed to perform, because the majority of the songs in ‘Solar’ aren’t age appropriate. But still, a change up in songs for performances couldn’t hurt, hell, he should perform ‘Sinner’ or ‘Baby I’m Sorry’ from the ‘Hot’ album more.

    1. I don’t think we’re done with MJ just yet .. he was channeling Remember the Time throughout Superstar. He’s such a fanboy – guess he spent his break watching MJ videos.

  3. Wonder if this will ever be broadcast? But if this is the official feed, I really have to hand it to the amazing ninja fans for their fancams. (Thank you, thank you , thank you!) They really put the official videos to shame. I have no idea why the official ones keep zooming out and in at the wrong times and include all these strange angles. They do the performances no justice at all.

  4. so,when i saw the photos being posted on his fansite last night,i silently scream in frustration.wae the paintbrush hair?T T
    it’s good that he dyed his hair but it was poorly done.i say,fire the hairstylist!lol i was so mad.then,i thought he’s getting more heavier and made me really concern cuz it would surely affect his performances.

    but thank God,despite my initial concerns,youngbae delivered.his performances were great and the slight changes in his choreo helps.i’m glad he breaks out a little from the tedious choreo which we’ve seen over and over again.

    the bow in superstar,that had me lol.

  5. thanks for sharing 😀
    lmao. he always sticks with his shades and plain white tees …:) he’s changed his twitter profile, too
    Young bae so cute anyway !!!

  6. Oooohhhh!!! That jacket with the flag on it is mean!!!! I love it. I would wear the hell out of that jacket. Real leather too.

    1. No wait. It is not leather. My bad. LOL!! I still wear that jacket. Damn! Damn! Damn!!!! Taeyang is do god damned good looking! I swear!! I will envy the woman who will get to keep him and have his kids!!! I wish I was a star so I could get close to him!! Hehe!! I am cheating on my boyfriend in my mind with Taeyang!! Haha!!

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