Taeyang to perform with Tablo on his Oct. 30 Inkigayo Comeback

Per BB’s schedule on their official website, Taeyang will be performing with Tablo  on SBS Inkigayo this coming Sunday, October 30, 2011.  Taeyang is featured on the song “Tomorrow.”

Tomorrow is one of 2 lead singles off Tablo’s album, “Fever’s End.” Part 2 of Tablo’s album, which contains the song Tomorrow,  will be released officially on November 1.

News from ygbigbang via Bigbang Updates.

So not only do we get to hear the song early, we also get a performance out of it….wow. I love it when we get surprises like this.

18 thoughts on “Taeyang to perform with Tablo on his Oct. 30 Inkigayo Comeback”

    1. And can I add that Tablo’s album so far seems really really good?! Loving what I’ve heard so far (Bad & Airbag), though i only understand the english words sung lol. But i think i get the gist of it with my limited korean. I’m pretty sure once i look up the lyrics I would be more wowed by it. The beat, rhythm and melody is good. Has got awesome artists featuring too!

    2. Can I agree with you? I absolutely love his album – it’s quite lovely and despite everyone’s fear, stayed true to Tablo’s aesthetic and original sound. It’s one of those albums you gotta be intent when listening – no distractions, no doing homework whilst! hahaha

      Therefore, I have high expectations for Taeyang’s feature in the title track as well as this performance. It has to be perfect. PRISTINE.

  1. Im so excited by this! Although I kind of wish that they released the song first so that I could kind of sing along with it. Haha

    Can anyone refresh my memory on what time Inki is? I need to make sure I’m home to stream it.

      1. Tofu!!! Glad to see you’re still alive 😛
        I have no idea which streaming sites work anymore, guess we’ll have to do some research until then.

  2. I think in a feature song, YB will focus more on singing and no dancing. That is why I am super exicted about his performance with Tablo this Sunday kkkkk.
    Moreover I love “Bad” so much. Really impressed by Jin Sil. Just wonder who she is because I can’t search any info about her.
    Can’t wait for Sunday.

      1. To add, this is “Dear” from Mad Soul Child. This was on the OST for the movie Ahjusshi/Man from Nowhere, which Won Bin was in. This a live performance at an award

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