[Updated] New TY shots for the North Face x Singles

I’ve always been partial to Taeyang in a furry hat…

…like so in the past:

but I still can’t decide if this new The North Face photo is gorgeous or funny-looking. Can it be both?

And more from The North Face:

The North Face photos from  Singles via YB Mania.

And the full set of high quality scans from the November Singles Supplement (Thanks DCYB!):

15 thoughts on “[Updated] New TY shots for the North Face x Singles”

  1. Both BM.

    He looks all gorgeous with his manly, stoic self but then I think it’s hilarious that he still put him YBness on the photo with the tilted fur hat. It’s not one of his fitted caps but I guess that didn’t stop him. Haha

  2. that new pic of him with the furry hat.. is just gorgeous.
    his facial features are very well defined.. his nose, his jawline.. his expression, his lips. how can a man be this good looking..

  3. He is so handsome and manly in this new one. U can really tell the difference of his face. He seems so matured and a bad boy side to him instead of the cute baby face and shy look. Either itsthe photoshopping or blessed genes, his face shape jawline nose eyebrows are drop dead perfect.

    1. I completely agree, his baby face really disappears when he’s in front of a camera that requires a new persona. His jawline is very masculine… he’s just gotten very masculine in general.

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