Taeyang featured on Tablo’s title track for his 1st solo album

Korean hip hop start Tablo from the famed hip hop group Epik High recently inked a deal with YG entertainment and is releasing his 1st solo album in November. Guess who is featured on the title track?!?

It’s Taeyang!

check below for more details.

In true YGE fashion, Tablo is going to promote 2 title tracks and one of them is titled “Tomorrow” and is featuring our very own R&B crooner. The album is actually going to be split into 2 parts with 2 different release dates. Part one, to be released on Oct. 21st, contains the other title track “Bad” and on Nov. 1st Part 2 with “Tomorrow” as the title track is going to be released.

I’m not exactly sure how this 2 part release is going to work and details are still coming out but details will be posted as they come out. Hopefully Taeyang will get to share the stage at least once with Tablo during the song’s promotions and he might even get to be in the music video assuming there is one. Tablo already released one song, “Airbag” from Part 1 of the album which is really good. Check it out below.


Album tracklist.

cr: yglife, mharclawrence18@youtube

Tablo is an amazing artist and so I’m super excited that Taeyang will be working with him. Also, back when Taeyang released “HOT” in 2008 Tablo had very high praises for him so it’s great to see them finally doing a song together. Can’t wait for this song!


19 thoughts on “Taeyang featured on Tablo’s title track for his 1st solo album”

  1. Yay!!!! I knew it! Or well, I had the highest hopes that this would happen.

    When Tablo announced he signed with YGE and was releasing an album, a collabo with YB was at the top of my want list.

    I know they really admire each other so I can’t wait to see how this turns out. I really want YB to do justice to one of Tablo’s songs.

  2. Upon hearing this news, my first thought went back to when Tablo praised YB’s HOT album (I think it was on a radio show?). Anyways, funny how statements made years earlier can come back full circle. I am soo excited for this!!
    Finally some news to pump me upp

  3. Poor Tablo. He’s getting dragged into YG’s interesting/unusual comeback tactics. However, i’m really excited that we’ll get to hear more songs from Tablo tomorrow!

    Taeyang feat. on one of Tablo’s title track? F*yeah! I’m expecting this to be good… can’t wait!

  4. Tablo has some amazing people featuring on his album: Lee So Ra, Jinsil, Naul, DJ Fritz, Bumkey, Taeyang, DJ Tukutz, Yankie & Bong Tae Kyu. Not familiar with everybody, but I can tell it’s really an honor for YB to be part of that group. So excited. (Tablo wrote, composed and arranged the song YB is on – he did so practically for the whole album.)

    From what I understand, the album was split into two because the music comes from two different time periods. Part one of the album was from the time when Tablo was going through hardships, so I guess Part 2 will have a different vibe altogether (maybe happier or more hopeful?)

    1. I’m pretty estactic that Taeyang is on that list too. This is legit group of artists. It makes me happy that Taeyang had this opportunity. You’re right, it’s an honor. It’s crazy because Tablo is one of the first artists who outwardly supported Taeyang even though he didn’t know him personally when YB’s solo album came it. I love how things have come full circle.

      And let me take a moment to spazz the shizzles out as a true fangirl should. Because I’ve dreamed of this collaboration since the very beginning. (more like Epic High ft. Taeyang) I have high expectations for this track because two of my favorite people are on it. Please, oh gosh, please don’t disappoint. My fangirl heart is so fragile.

  5. I hope he really steps up for the title track. Just cause if it isn’t up to par theres going to be a lot of shit talk n backlash for both.

  6. Nice. I have one concern though. Does YB have a unique thing that he does with his voice/singing yet to make him recognizable? You know what I’m talking about? He could be doing that on most of his tracks, it’s good for getting his name in people’s mouths. 😀

    1. If you’re talking about how Usher has his ‘Yeah man’ or how Trey Songz goes ‘YUUP’, I don’t think Taeyang needs one. It’d be cool if he had one, but totally not necessary. YB’s voice in itself is something rare in KPOP, which is why Taeyang has been featured in collabo’s moreso than any other Big Bang member.

      1. Ow, lol. Ok, maybe I’m being harsh in the way I wrote that. When we get a listen to this new YB collab and it sounds like it could be anyone singing it, then I think it needs something. I will eat my words if he proves me wrong. 🙂

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