TY and Choice37 demonstrate Human Potential

So how did Taeyang and YG producer Choice 37 spend their Friday night? Clowning around in front of the camera at the Human Potential store, that’s how.  (TY’s repping HuPot in the Invader Army Jacket .  No clue what Choice is doing, but safe to say he’s not looking at a career in modelling any time soon.) Makes me curious what really goes on in their studio sessions (aside from making awesome music, which is what I HOPE they’re doing. No pressure or anything.)

More photos below the cut.

Photos off the blog at Human Potential and twitter.

6 thoughts on “TY and Choice37 demonstrate Human Potential”

  1. lmao at choice37.i think i like him now.
    there’s probably lots of goofing around in the studio which is great.

    i like bae’s jacket.

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