[Twitter] Today on Twitterland – 111014

TY: @Realtaeyang 으아아아아아아!!!! 렛츠고!!!!!!!!!!!!!아악!!
ahahahahaha!!!! lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!! ack

Se7en: @Realtaeyang 어디가!! 형두 데꼬가…
Where are you going!!!  take hyung with you too…

TY: @officialse7en 우리형 또 심심한가보다.. 같이가여 형!
Looks like hyung is bored again..lets go together hyung!


MinaKwon:  @Realtaeyang 0 to the bae where u goin?ㅋㅋ

TY: @MINAKWON 누나마냥 파지리브에너지가 넘치네여!
Noona, I’m just over flowing with positive energy!


Hyunsoo: @Realtaeyang 어디가… 나버리고…
Where are you going…abandoning me…

TY: @lyrical_drawing 넌….


TY:  I’d like to go again..! Need fresh air!! http://yfrog.com/nybbqjej


And today’s lovely twitter randomness:

TY: True that.. True that True that..??

Dok2: @Realtaeyang TRUE THAT!ㅋㅋ

Jay Park: @notoriousgonzo @Realtaeyang NAH son TRUE DAT!!

Dok2: @JAYBUMAOM @realtaeyang oh shit my bad…츠루 댓 [true that]

TY: @notoriousgonzo @jaybumaom TRUE DAT TRUE DAT TRUE DAT DAT DAT..

Dok2: @Realtaeyang @jaybumaom ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 세명이서 트윗으로 뭐하는건진 잘모르겟네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
kekeke  Don’t even know what the 3 of us are doing on twitter kekekeke

TY :@notoriousgonzo @jaybumaom 뭐 없어~ 츠루댓인데 뭐..
Doesn’t mean anything —  It’s just true that…

Dok2: @Realtaeyang @jaybumaom 데스롸잇 그게 바로 츠루댓!!!ㅋㅋ
Das right – true dat! Kekeke

Taeyang’s photo from the Lollipop 2 promotions – everything else off twitter. Thanks for the translations piglet!

11 thoughts on “[Twitter] Today on Twitterland – 111014”

  1. Hahah. YB’s humorous nature definitely comes out on Twitter. And can I just say that I’m positively overjoyed at YB, Jay, and Dok’s convo? It’s always great to see YB being goofy with non-YG people.

      1. n1. I wonder if Taeyang, Jay, and Dok2 have formally met. Or maybe they’re already working on stuff together. :O It would be a win-win-win-win situation. Everyone wins.

        1. I’m not sure about Jay and Taeyang, although I do remember Jay still being part of 2PM when Taeyang was in the MBC Dance Battle so they could have met there, but I’m pretty sure Taeyang and Dok2 get together every so often, because I remember Taeyang tweeting to Dok2 inviting him over to the studio.

  2. It seems like YB has a lot of spare time these days. He must be bored because he has nothing to do but tweeting.

    Anyways, I enjoy his tweets so much. So random and hilarious.

    Thanks bluemaid & piglet

  3. really enjoying more of bae this way., we get to see how he interacts with his friends.. especially love the bae and hyunza convos~~

  4. Did Jay Park just say nah son?
    That is pretty funny! xD
    I love to pick on people for saying…In high school people fought all the time using that phrase. Tones of people us to say nah son over and over again while dancing like a chicken that has its head cut off what makes this phrase funny to me.

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