[Twitter] The TY and Hunza Show Part 2 (with special guest Minzy) 111013

Whew! Seems like twitter lessons have paid off a bit…someone has been tweeting up a storm.

Hyunsoo: 디자이너에겐 좋은 디자인을 보거나, 좋은 디자인을 하는것이 가장 이로운 일이다.
To a designer it is most beneficial when after you see a good design, to make a good design.

TY:  @lyrical_drawing 갑자기 왠 당연한소리를 당연하게 하니
Why are you saying something obvious, so obviously (matter of fact.)

Hyunsoo: @Realtaeyang 그랫구나 내가 당연한 소리를 당연하게 했구나 그랬던 거였구나 이제야 알겠다.
I did.  I said something obvious, so obviously.  Now I know.

Minzy:  @lyrical_drawing @Realtaeyang 무한도전…아 현수오빠두 무한도전봤구나..그랬구나 이제야 알겠다..
Infinity Challenge…Hyunsoo- oppa you must have watched Infinity Challenge…Now I understand.

Hyunsoo : @mingkki21 이제야 알겠다 내가 무한도전 볼걸 이제야 알았구나 그랬구나 이제야 알겠다. 머리아파서 주변사람들 얼굴을 다 그리고 있구나 아 ~ 영배랑 밍끼도 그려야겠다아 yfrog.com/nw20725379j
Now I know I should have watched Infinity Challenge, I see now.   I know now.   I am drawing the faces of those around me because my head hurts ~ I need to draw Youngbae and Minki.

TY : @lyrical_drawing @mingkki21 도대체 누가 나고 민지라는거야
Who are you saying is Minji and I [in the drawing]

Hyunsoo: @Realtaeyang @mingkki21 아직 안그렸다 영배야 ㅋㅋㅋ 잘그려볼께… ㅋ
I haven’t drawn it yet,  Youngbae   kekeke   I will draw it well.   ke

TY : @lyrical_drawing @mingkki21 그래.. 말만하지말고 이 부부젤라
That’s right…don’t just talk, you Vuvuzela.

Hyunsoo:  @Realtaeyang @mingkki21 시간날때마다 그리는거야…!! 이제야 알겠니?
I draw when I have time…!!  Do you understand it now?

TY :  @lyrical_drawing @mingkki21 민지야 기대하지마~ 쟤 부부젤라야 booboozella
Minji don’t expect much ~ He is a vuvuzela  booboozella

Hyunsoo: Vuvuzela 인데…
It’s Vuvuzela…

TY : @lyrical_drawing ok! Call him vuvuzella!

Hyunsoo:  @Realtaeyang dear my friend  A Friend is a second self  – Aristotle 친구는 제 2의 자신이다. (아리스토텔레스) pic.twitter.com/1sGnUPaZ
[He includes both Korean and english translations of  the saying ]

Minzy: @Realtaeyang @lyrical_drawing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ부부젤라~ㅋㅋㅋ그랬구나 현수오빠는 부부젤라였구나 ㅋ
vuvuzela  keke  oh I see, hyunsoo oppa is a vuvuzela

Hyunsoo:  @mingkki21 그랬구나 내가 그래서 부부젤라였던 것이구나 이제야 알겠다 밍끼덕분에 잠잠해지셨던 이십오만팔천백구십두분의 소셜네트워킹 사용자 분들이 나에게 Mr. Vuvuzela 라고 불러주실까 무섭구나~
I see, that’s why I am a vuvuzela.  Now, I know thanks to Mingki.    I’m scared that those calm 258,190 people using social networking will start calling me Mr. Vuvuzela.

TY:@lyrical_drawing 그랬구나..그동안 맨날 놀러온다고온다고..이사 하기만하면 매일 올것마냥 떠들더니..막상 이사와도 별 다를게없구나..아..이제 다시알겠다..넌 부부젤라였구나..이제 잘 알겠다..
I see, always saying that you would come to play, come to play…you kept on saying that once you move, you would come daily…but since you’ve moved, nothing has changed…ah…now I understand again…you are a vuvuzela..Now I know.

Hyunsoo: @Realtaeyang 그랬구나 그동안 내가 이사가면 맨날 찾아간다 하고 자주 가지 못한게 아쉬워서 부부젤라가 된거구나 이제야 알겠다 정말 잘 알겠다… 앞으론 정말 지겨울정도로 찾아가겠다~ pic.twitter.com/GhGYhq5L
I see,  I became a vuvuzela because you are sad that I haven’t been able to come by, when I said that I would come by often once I moved.  Now I know, I know all too well…from now on I will have to come by so often that it will make you wearisome.

[Can’t make out what the whole note in the drawing says but it starts saying” @realtaeyang  What is a Vuvuzela?  Is it something you put on your face?..]

TY: @lyrical_drawing 작업한다더니..그랬구나.. 너가 말한 작업이 뭔지 이제야 알겠다..
You said you were working…I see..now I know what the work you were talking about is…

Hyunsoo: @Realtaeyang 그랬구나 이제 내가 말한 작업을 알았구나 하지만 이거다 내가 말한작업이…프리젠테이션 해야된다 내일… 나 정말 밤안새면 끝낼수가 없다 힘이되줘라 … 정말 아낌없이주는 나무가 되어라 pic.twitter.com/oKjluBNk
I see, now you know the work I was talking about – but that work I was talking about..I have to do a presentation tomorrow…I can’t finish unless I stay up all night..please become a generous person. [meaning can you let it slide that I can’t visit?]

And then there’s Kush:

Kush:  와아 자연스럽다아. http://twitpic.com/6zoxdr
Wah, so natural

TY:  @KushAnalog 이보다 더 자연스러울수가 없네요 형
There is nothing more natural than this hyung.

Kush:  @Realtaeyang 엄청나지?
Isn’t it great?

And Se7en

TY: 보륑하네..
It’s boring…

Se7en:  @Realtaeyang 너 형좀 만나야돼~
You need to meet hyung…

Wawa: @officialse7en @realtaeyang 니네 또 이러다가 이상한 기사 뜬다~!!!
Another strange news article is going to surface about you guys!!

TY:  @WAWASOUL @officialse7en 형 전 가만히있었어요
Hyung I wasn’t doing anything (was sitting still.)

And finally:

Everything from twitter.  Thanks to piglet for the (rough) translations!


16 thoughts on “[Twitter] The TY and Hunza Show Part 2 (with special guest Minzy) 111013”

  1. This conversation was hilarious for some reason….espeically when WaWa said “another news article is gonna come because of you.” Kinda died laughing. Hyunsoo+Youngbae bromance is fricken entertaining. It makes me super happy that Youngbae is soooo NORMAL to just hangout with his friends and tweet them at the same time….what us lesser beings do. These conversations are sooo adorable.

    And why does YB call Hyunsoo a Vuvuzela? I don’t get it…just because he doesn’t come visit? lol.

    1. I guess it’s because a vuvuzela makes a constant buzzing noise – so I gather Hyunsoo makes a lot of noise (constantly talks a lot) but in this case just talks but doesn’t deliver on what he says he will do.

    2. And yes they are hilarious. YB has such a droll sense of humor.
      “There is nothing more natural than this hyung….”

      And LOL at Hyunsoo’s reaction to “booboozela”. “It’s VUVUZELA” (I can imagine the eyeroll.)

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