Taeyang’s cryptic tweet has the fans and even Se7en baffled

Fans are both curious and concerned for Big Bang’s Taeyang‘s cryptic message on Twitter.Taeyang tweeted on the 1st, “You think I don’t know but I know everything. You think I’m being deceived but I’m only pretending to not know” and he didn’t leave any clues to whom he was sending the message to or why.
Taeyang’s senior colleague at YG, Se7en replied to the tweet, “What’s wrong Youngbae (Taeyang’s real name) hey~ You and I should meet… let’s meet up next week!! ^^” and it seemed like he was trying to calm Taeyang down.

To add fuel to the fire Minji later retweeted with a simple message, “Ditto.”

Fans are making all sorts of speculations of what’s really going on in the conversation Taeyang and Se7en had on twitter. Some have said, “Maybe the members of Big Bang are not getting along”, “Is it the season of autumn that’s causing him to be this way”, “Maybe it has something to do with the management company”, and all sorts of ifs and maybes were said.

Source: Nate, bigbangupdate
Translation by JJ @ kpopfever.com

Honestly I was way curious myself when I read his tweet. I was hoping it was just some lyrics but Se7en and Minzy’s reaction had me thinking it was a more personal tweet. Whatever it is, I hope it helps fuel creative juices and leads to a new song. 


27 thoughts on “Taeyang’s cryptic tweet has the fans and even Se7en baffled”

  1. i’m inclined to believe it has something to do with the album. all i hope for is that this isn’t an insight into another depression. if it is so, then i…we, really can’t do much but stand by and still support yb as well as YG Fam as this is something he’s gotta wrestle with on his own. in time, he’ll be okay. in how much time, only God can tell.

  2. you all know how he guarded his private life so well,so, i don’t think he’ll just go off and rant about his problems on twitter of all the places lol

    as for minmin and 7,i don’t think that YB would ask his labelmates permission first before posting on twitter.so,they’re in the same boat as the fans.

    bet it’s a lyrics to one of his songs.sad songs are his specialty.

    1. I agree with you. I’m gonna be optimistic and knowing how private Youngbae is with his personal life, I’m gonna assume it’s something else…like song lyrics. It wouldn’t be the first time YB has posted song lyrics on his Twitter. The only eerie thing is that he didn’t say from which song it was and usually K-fans are really good at determining which song it is. I’m skeptical, but hoping it’s something else other than personal drama. I also can’t believe this made Korean news. @_@

      1. yay,tofu.nice seeing you again.^^
        hmnn,that message was so serious and that bothers me a little.but YB can be a troll sometimes.rmb that one time when dae received a text message from minzi saying she love him and it turns out YB was the one who sent the message?lol maybe he’s playing with his fans this time.

        if he wrote that message way back in wedding dress era,then i would say he’s in trouble.
        lol i can’t believe it made it to the news either.

  3. actually if you google the words it’s the lyrics to a song, i think minzy likes the song too hence “ditto” but maybe we’re reading too much into it like Se7en is. sometimes when i post lyrics, ppl also get the impression that something is going on, but it’s just another lyrics that in my mind at the moment.

    idk, i think that’s all to that.

  4. This somewhat reminds me of the lyrics to ‘The Weeknd – The Knowing’. They’re somewhat similar … Well hopefully it is lyrics to some song out there and that YB isn’t entering another stage of depression.

  5. No I’m still thinking that those ARE some of the lyrics to his new song and maybe just maybe hopefully SE7EN & Minzy will be featured and that’s why they are going to meet up 😀 people please let’s think positive about this I mean really Oppa has never let his personal life out in the public so why now? I hope there are no problems which I think there arent any so let this be some lyrics to his new song. TAE YANG OPPA HWAITING!!!

  6. Although it’s a bit concerning, we all remember how he was in a bit of a dark mood before he released Solar over a year ago. Hopefully it’s not something too big though. He’s a strong individual, so let’s believe in him. 🙂

  7. at first this tweet made me really nervous…
    to think of it as a part of the lyrics calmed me down
    hope there’s nothing bad for YB

  8. aw thank you for optimism guys…you’re right..the news got me agitated and concerned but lets just hope for the better and always believe in him…Taeyang fighting!!

  9. It may just be apart of his lyrics.
    And even if it’s not, I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, everyone needs to let out their frustrations every now and then and maybe this was his only way at the time. Either way, he’s our sun! He’ll get through it and shine in no time! 😀

  10. Taeyang is a deep guy. From all we have learned about him in the past as fans helped us understand him more. We all know that Taeyang is the kind of guy who spends a lot of time in his own head. He thinks too much. Even sometimes when he is performing. Shaun Evaristo told him G-Dragon said this about him saying Taeyang is the most sensitive one out of the group and that does not mean always crying. As for the message, it could mean a lot of things. It gets crazier when you have Minji replying with “Ditto” She definitely agrees. That message is very cryptic though. It is kinda dark, well it sounds kinda dark however, we don’t know what it is. It is very random. I know this sounds crazy but Taeyang seems to be a little dark this year anyway. I hope it is all nothing because sometimes the music business can be a little shady behind the scenes when people are not smiling for the cameras especially with the level of success. I hope it is nothing. I love that guy man!!

  11. Another thing. There is a lot of Taeyang, Won, and Minji thing going on ever since Minji did Taeyang’s dance “Look at only me” Not suggesting anything but I remember Minji saying Taeyang now treats me nicer and he talks to me more often now” Not the exact words however, something of that nature. I am going to have to dig that up when I find what video it was from. Also, just recently, the Tweet with Won, Taeyang’s manager Minji suggesting that they all go out and try to change Taeyang’s schedule so that they can go to the movies. It sounds like besides church Taeyang does not go out much. Where it gets crazy is that cryptic message and minji agreeing to whatever they are agreeing to. Taeyang and minji are seemingly getting close(not in a romantic way) but more on a “We see eye to eye” on a lot of things. You know how even when you have been around someone whether it was school, work, or even in the neighborhood how you know someone that you might have small talk with or see everyday until there was that one time that you finally sat down and talked for a few hours with that person you have been seeing everyday only to realize that you and the other person have a lot more in common than what you think? Friendships happen like that often. Anyway, one thing that is for sure is that whatever Taeyang is talking about “You think I don’t know but I know everything. You think I am being deceived but I am only pretending not to know” Sounds like angry words. In the “hood” LOL would mean some kind of “Beef” With who ever he is talking about. It is also singular. He did not say, “You all” or “All of you” and still, you never know. To hear this come out of Taeyang’s mouth sounds so untaeyangish and his constant covering his eyes behind shades and his constant wearing black, black, black. Everything just seems so dark about Taeyang ever since his dark video “I’ll be there” To me, when he was promoting “Wedding dress” live, that man did not look happy at all. He said that he was becoming more and snapping at other members and then he said that he can not continue like this. We read the interviews. We just don’t know exactly what he is talking about. Well ever since then when he passed that phase and the promotion of solar. It is black clothes if not black white with some black in it. He is not as colorful as he used to be. I have been following his trend for a while now. I wish we had the answers because I would hate to see YB all depressed or angry or become withdrawn. He is one of a kind and a hell of an artist. Because he is so unique, I just hope the negative people if they are around him leave him alone. Sorry for the short essay on what I think I know. LOL!! I just love him and what’s going on with Daesung? does anyone know any updates?

    1. I agree and Taeyang and Minji are becoming close and hanging out together (esp since they have a lot of the same dancer friends) so I’m not surprised if she knew what was going on with him. But he’s been happier than usual later so I don’t think he’s in any depression tbh. During WD he was moody both on and off camera and just had that depressed air while now he seems happier than ever.

  12. hav any of u guys seen his lastest tweet about the song, “thinking about u” by frank ocean? now i dont know about ya’ll but whatever mood i’m going through…….i can find a song relating to it. the fact that he’s posted a song that talks about a new love and being infatuated by them…………i dunno man. i’m……scared. like I KNOW taeyang would never EVER EVER be mine. he is still my number fantasy. and i would be ever so delighted…(or so i thought) if he found the love of his life…..but now that there might be a hint of love in his life now…..eergh this FEELING i get…it snot good man. …

    “How you feel?
    And though you were my first time
    A new feel”

    and taeyang says this song has been going in his mind all day??? ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH. i guess if he fell in love…i’d rather kno who it was and thats that…..rather than….him displaying his love all over the internet. boo hoo.

    1. lol while I too believe he’s dating I rather he kept it to himself until he and his lady are comfortable enough to reveal it. And yeah, part of me is sad to think he’s taken but then I see how happy he is and that makes me happy.

  13. haha, i’m starting to feel like that tweet that everyone was rumoring about the “one with frank ocean song” the end of the tweet..he was sending that out to his fans and everyone failed to think so. i could be wrong tho but i think it was…….

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