Taeyang’s Twitter Updates (Movies, Tours and Cakes!, Oh My!)

Taeyang has been all over twitter recently and has had some interesting things to say. Here’s the dirty on the past couple of weeks’ tweets.

Sept 27

Taeyang tweeted a picture of the cake he got from YBMania (a Korea fansite) celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the SOLAR Concerts. It was a dduk cake (pictured above) with “Awesome Taeyang” written on it.


@Realtaeyang: SOLAR CONCERT 1st anniversary :  Those feelings of being deeply moved at that time still remains in my heart.. before it becomes too late [before time passes too much], lets meet again.  Thank you.http://pic.twitter.com/A5XkkUYX

This tweet set off a chain of tweets between Taeyang (@realtaeyang), his dancer friend Won (@rhkddnjs34) and Taeyang’s Manager Boram Kim (@codeboram) that went like this:

@rhkddnjs34@Realtaeyang It’s already been a year…ㅠ.ㅠ the memory is still fresh [like the memories are coming back popping back into his mind].. ah it was so good/nice then..ㅋcongratulations on 1 year anniversary =)

@Realtaeyang@rhkddnjs34 Thanks~ but were we there together hyung..?

@rhkddnjs34@Realtaeyang eh….you’re not being honest right [that’s not how you really feel, right?] ??ㅋㅋthat day I drank redbull [with a sense of fighting spirit for energy?] and in the middle we went to the ER together…ㅠㅠtell me you are joking…..u’re kidding…

@Realtaeyang@rhkddnjs34 ah that’s right~ ㅋ I remember! We went because your stomach hurt? Was it enteritis?

@rhkddnjs34@Realtaeyang ung ㅋㅋ I threw up~~I want to do it again Youngbaeya,,,,,ㅜㅜ

@codeboram@Realtaeyang it’s already a yr ago hehe let’s do it once more soon~ how bout a world tour this time? Lol

@rhkddnjs34@codeboram u should count me in hyung~~~ lol ^^

Seems like even Ed Dawkins’ (@edawkins) of the Underdogs’ had something to say about a world tour ( do they know something we dont?!?). On the 26th he responded to a fan’s tweet like this.

Later 2NE1’s Minzy (@mingkki21) and Won start a conversation about forcing Taeyang to go to the movies. If you guys remember, Won was who Taeyang gave movie recommendations to a few months ago on twitter.

@rhkddnjs34@mingkki21 let’s go to the movies including YB~~!!! lol whenever u want!!

@mingkki21@rhkddnjs34 lol YB’s in his house-> office -> church mostly lol

@rhkddnjs34@mingkki21 then change his schedule to house office church and to the movies lolol


And Taeyang also had an adorable conversation with Jay Park on the 9/29.


@JAYBUMAOM: Am I an idol now?~ I just want to be Park Jaebum~

@Realtaeyang: RT

@JAYBUMAOM: @Realtaeyang appreciate the retweet ~Cool ~RESPECT~

@JAYBUMAOM: If he RTed by mistake…I just talked to myself..kekeke

@Realtaeyang: yo hyung! I respect you a lot!! J kk It’s not a mistake RT~! Being in jaypark!! Awsome! [sic]

@JAYBUMAOM: that’s wassup that means a lot~I heard you are making good music. I’ll look forward to it. Keep doing your thang.

Translated by: Piglet@Alwaystaeyang, @HuisuYoon

15 thoughts on “Taeyang’s Twitter Updates (Movies, Tours and Cakes!, Oh My!)”

  1. Is it just me or has he not been showing his eyes at all recently? Every time we see or hear something new about him, the picture is of him with those wayfarers on. Lol

    1. If you remember from Real Sound (if you watched it, sorry assuming you did since we all adore him so much), he does get a sty on his left eye (i think) so he likes to hide it because he feels it looks unattractive. It may not be all the time that he has the sty but it could be part of the time that he’s wearing his glasses? Just something to keep in mind I suppose. I wish I could see his eyes too. Ha ha ha.

  2. YoungBae has changed ALOT over the years… I’m actually feeling a change when I hear the news about him… Not to sound like a hater, I love him and all, but to me, he seems to be getting a lil “cocky”. 😛

    1. To be honest, I had to agree with you on this. He comes off as lil ‘cocky’ as times. It may be because he’s more confident or perhaps just because he thinks he’s getting more recognition. Honestly, we’ll never know and we can’t judge him. But I really do miss the shy, innocent boy in him who claims that girls are scary.

      1. I think his humor might come off that way, but I doubt that’s the way he wanted us to think of him. I think if he said it in person or if we didn’t have this language barrier translation that it would sound different.

      2. hmm reading the tweets above, i kinda don’t get it how TY fans feel he is getting a little cocky, even the world tour part isn’t him saying it.. it’s his manager who’s asking him why not do a tour again soon and make it a world tour this time..

        i think he is just showing more confidence now as compared to when he was younger.. truthfully a guy like him who lacks in height as compared to his other peers, he needs to have that certain confidence. and he never once thought he is the best, he is always wanting to do better..

        the boy is still shy.. but it’s normal for innocence to be lost as you grow older.. at his age he can’t still be scared of girls.

    2. YB cocky?!? I think he’s more confident than when he was younger and right now he’s also more happy, however I think cocky is taking it too far. He’s the least cocky idol I know outside of Daesung. He still seems shier than most and pretty quiet.

    3. there’s a difference between being confident and being cocky and YB is far from being cocky; he is like the most humble singer you’ll know

  3. Man, no matter how many times I try, I can never make out how to read these twitter conversations … lol.

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