Taeyang and Seungri at ‘Soul’ by Ludacris Launching Event (updated with Fancams) (110929)

For  those who don’t know, Big Bang and YG have signed a partnership with famed US rapper Ludacris and part of that contract is endorsing Ludacris’ “Soul’ line of headphones. There’s been several promotional pictures released for this endorsement already and on Sept. 29th, Taeyang and Seungri attended the official launching event for the ‘Soul’ by Ludacris line. Taeyang performed Superstar and Where U At for the event.

more pictures and fancams below cut

From the event:


Where U AT

From promotional pictures:

cr: as labeled, sol-mate, juckdo @youtube,

I’m not sure how I feel about this blond tip/highlight thing, kind of liked the classic hair better. However, he’s looking good in the promotional shots and him and Seungri’s awkward and bullying bromance is always cute to watch.

9 thoughts on “Taeyang and Seungri at ‘Soul’ by Ludacris Launching Event (updated with Fancams) (110929)”

  1. I loved it when I first saw it. But now it looks like he’s transitioning it out, slowing trimming the color off. So now it looks weird because the front has a lot of color while the top doesn’t.

    It’s okay YB….you can go back to the Forever Hawk….we understand!!!

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