Taeyang featured in Lydia Paek’s Video Blog

starts at 3.:37

New YG producer Lydia Paek posts regular video blogs of her time in Korea, however this time it features Taeyang and Choice 37 . For those who don’t know, Lydia co-produced 2NE1’s UGLY and Park Bom’s Don’t Cry.

This reminds me of his July 18th tweet about working in the studio with Choice 37 and Lydia, maybe the video was shot that day or maybe those three have been working together a lot. Anyway, this makes me super excited for Taeyang’s next solo album, I’ve loved everything Choice 37 has done and Lydia has been showing lots of talent. Also, Taeyang moaning while eating chocolate  = ^_^ and I think our boy has plenty of “confidence”. lol, the things Bluemaid misses when she’s out.


13 thoughts on “Taeyang featured in Lydia Paek’s Video Blog”

  1. What a total goofball. It’s stuff like this that makes me speechless when people call YB boring. Obviously they don’t know how he is with his crew.

    Poor Bluemaid. Missing out on the epicness that is this video.
    YB-“Mr. Goodbar. No doubt it’s…..good. It’s like mmmMMMmmMmM.”. Hahah
    And his MmmMMmMm face….can we call this chocolate porn? Lol

    And JQuest….just because I know you love stuff like this. I call dibs on shipping YB and Lydia! A girl he’s actually comfortable with that’s not Aimee? This pairing just might knock BomBae out of my #1 spot. 😛

    1. lol BM always says the everything happens when she’s out of town. I’ll email this to her so she gets to see it.

      lol, YB/Lydia FTW! At least she can help him with his English. And yeah, they’re totally cute together. But it’s just good to know he’s in the studio working with great people.

      1. Let’s tell BM to stay out of town…that seems to be the only way we get YB news. Lol

        Matchmade in heaven. She’s an awesome singer/dancer. She’s working with him on his songs. She can teach him English. And he’s just….YB. Perfect match! Haha

      2. I’m gone for ONE day and you guys are shipping, tsk, tsk, tsk…

        Hah! I really don’t know why stuff seems to happen when I’m gone… So are you guys plotting an extended vacation for me? Believe me, I’d be happy to do my part if it means we can get more (good) news.

  2. Lydia’s also a great singer herself. There are plenty of cover vids of her. I first heard about her through watching America’s Best Dance Crew back ’09 and then i got into kpop later that year. Crazy how the 2 have come together.

  3. Ha ha ha! Why’s he so cute? His english is really getting so much better! I’m proud of him! I’m happy he’s enjoying the chocolate too!

  4. yups this was just recent, i think like probably the 1st or 2nd day lydia came to korea. and his “moan” & expression while eating those snacks she brought is just….. i am speechless. he is just too adorable..

    and drinking the confidence drink cus as he said he needs confidence lol.. while choice was like no he has lots of confidence.

    TY + Lydia ❤

    can't wait for the TY-Lydia-Choice collabs~

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