Taeyang at 2ne1′s Nolza Japan Concert -Photos (Updated with Fancams) (110924)

It’s been known that Taeyang has been in Japan for the last few days and the rumor that it was for 2NE1’s Nolza Japan concert tour seems to be true. Taeyang performed on the 24th in  Kobe World Memorial Hall in Kobe, Japan. I’m unsure if he’ll be performing in the rest of 2NE1’s tour considering there’s 3 more days left on the tour schedule but I think it’s at least likely he’ll be performing tomorrow with them again at the Kobe World Memorial Hall. According to fans he performed Superstar, Where U At and Look Only At Me.

More photos and fancams below cut


Where U At

cr: @DYBMania on twitter, YBManiaOfficial2 on youtube


6 thoughts on “Taeyang at 2ne1′s Nolza Japan Concert -Photos (Updated with Fancams) (110924)”

  1. I might seem like I’m being extremely harsh here, but this has got to be the worst performance of WUA I’ve ever seen him to. LOAM and Superstar were fine for me, but WUA….just on a whole different level, and not a good one at that.

    The whole entire WUA performance was so lackluster for me. He was breathless. His dancing wasn’t up to par as his normal. He barely performed the choreo and when he did, it was so obvious that he wasn’t hitting the moves as sharply or as powerful as he normally does. I don’t know what’s up, maybe he was just extremely tired or what. But he needs to get this fix!

    On that note….he does look good though. Hahaha.

    1. maybe it’s the hair…and the shirt…lol or maybe he’s already found his girl and feels like saying “where u at” is not relevant anymore ahaha jk jk

    2. I have to agree the perf seemed way different than usual WUA perf. I think he was too hyped or on something. I thought I liked the hair…but it def doesn’t fit.

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