The Forever Hairstyle has been… tweaked.

Taeyang and G-Dragon repped Big Bang at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Seoul on September 21 and it looks like our boy is taking some baby steps in transforming his signature hair style.  Will update this post as more photos come in.

Photos and video below the cut.

Thanks to juckdo, DYBLGE and bigbangupdates for the videos.

Fan accounts mention that Taeyang bounded out of the car so fast and was in a joking mood.  He had some fun posing with GD, even when the manager was urging them to go inside already. He then did his “manner hand” pose and burst into laughter and went inside.  Nice to know that he’s having fun.

Photocredits as tagged.

18 thoughts on “The Forever Hairstyle has been… tweaked.”

  1. YB was looking pretty damn good that night. Casual wear always looks best on YB and the hair just tops it all off.

    Love how he colors the hair but keeps the forever hawk….baby steps YB, baby steps

  2. I spazzed so hard when i saw his hair! That was the first thing i saw right away while watching the video, and i absolutely love it!! My baebae is hot hot hot!

  3. U don’t wanna know how much I just…izzedjay from this news. Gah, this boy…he’s growing up…I’m such a proud noona!

  4. omg omg omg omg omg omg omg lol i cant believe it :OOOOOO
    ok it’s ok my baebae look so hot ;D still taeyang ♥.♥

  5. I am loving the new hair color. Very subtle and he still kept the mohawk! When I read the title, I like panicked because I thought I was going to see something drastic. “Whew” It looks good. Taeyang just owns that mohawk. It iconic! (*_*)

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