More JYP love for Taeyang (110907)

J.Y. Park and Yang Hyun Suk recently participated in a fun game that had them name artists they’d scout from each others’ companies.

On September 7th, J.Y. Park and Yang Hyun Suk guested on SBS‘s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, during which the MC asked, “Which singers from the other agency would you like to scout?”

J.Y. Park answered, “There is one person who I would like the most,” and named 1TYM‘s Teddy. He explained, “I don’t just want him as a celebrity — I’m thinking that he would produce songs for other singers, too.”

J.Y. Park picked Big Bang‘s Taeyang as his second choice, stating, “He’s so good at dancing and singing, so I think it’d be fun to record together.”

(Other parts omitted. Full article from allkpop here.)

Sources: Newsen via Nate, 2
Thanks to YBMania for the video clip!

Remember JYP saying the same thing on Come to Play? Come to think of it, JYP and YB certainly have similar musical tastes (not to mention are great performers.)  Can’t imagine what a collab between the two would be like, but pretty sure it would be fantastic.  And a joint stage like that would make a really amazing special stage for one of the end of the year shows…

9 thoughts on “More JYP love for Taeyang (110907)”

  1. I agree! JYP is an exceptional performer. I’m sure YB can learn much from him to help hone his skills. A joint stage would be pretty surreal, and awesome….as long as JYP doesn’t do his swan queen impersonation. Aah, JYP and his antics. gotta love him.

    1. Aaah. But they could both be swan queens… imagine the spinning (but I imagine that JYP would have the upper hand because he does it … in the air. LOL)

      Though can you imagine the styling choices for that stage? Talk about opposite in fashion choices though…

  2. JYP’s version of Taeyang was Jay before they split. That’s about as close as you can get in this generation of kpop. I think every company should want a copy of Taeyang, he’s got so much potential and JYP sees it. Twice, lol. I bet YG prizes Taeyang (and Teddy) more now. There should be more male opinions because I know they would say the same thing about Taeyang. He’s very well on his way.

  3. JYP is YB’s ultimate fanboy, second only to the ever so adorable Harang. How many times have JYP praised him already? I can’t even count anymore. And this isn’t even the first time JYP’s said this. Glad to see that some things remain constant in kpop.

    I think that this would be a fantastic idea. YG and JYP should do an experiment where they trade artists for 6 months. It would give everyone a whole new insight to music. It’d be interesting, to say the least, to see how this would turn out. Their artists are so different from each other. But JYP and YB would have some amazing chemistry together, I’m sure. It would be a perfect combination. JYP for teach YB the ultimate swan queen technique of air-borne twirling and YB could teach JYP how to dougie and how to wear your fitted cap just so. What more could you want? Haha

    If YB had a chance to train and learn from JYP for a little bit, he should grab the bull by the horns. Heck, as buddy-buddy as YG and JYP are, I’m sure Big Papa wouldn’t mind, just as long as YB came back of course.

  4. haha JYP isn’t dumb! Teddy and Taeyang, those are some nice choices! I love Teddy’s music for Taeyang, but it would be something to hear what JYP could come up with for YB. Interesting…

  5. It’s so good to know that JYP still adores and admires YB for his skills and talent! I think a collab, joint stage, swap/trade of artists, or even a feature I would be more than happy to see. It’ll be refreshing and a change to see amongst the usual KPOP-ness… (if that even made sense, haha)

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