Taeyang Replies to Fans on Twitter

After being on twitter for about a year, Taeyang finally started to reply to fans on twitter. YAY! I’m kind of bummed that he started to while I was away from my computer. Though this also means he may have read some of my embarrassing tweets to him if he does read fan tweets which is unfortunate. Anyway, happy he’s communicating with fans now.

cr: bigbangupdates for the screencaps, @realtwitter, @BellaLinh, @ander_jess

8 thoughts on “Taeyang Replies to Fans on Twitter”

  1. YB responding to fan tweets now? Uh oh….this may be the driving reason for me to finally get a Twitter account!

  2. why the hell does everything have to happen when im away from my laptop?!!! this…just… TT,TT . i wanna response from bae too, fuu. oh well, more reason to spam him!

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