Taeyang’s Future in his Hand


The members of Big Bang had their palms read in a special Big Bang feature in the November 2010 Issue of Japan’s AnAn Magazine.  We never got around to posting the translations on Taeyang’s part but better late than never…

Palm Reader: Your right hand has a “Masukake” line!  This (line) means the person was born with big talent. The person can reach (master) the world by his own (power).

Around the summer when you were 17 years old, the way forward opened out greatly.  You are 22 years old now right?  The path keeps going straight as it is.  And when you are 31 years old, the flower will open greatly again.  [That means longtime effort will get the good result.] Metaphorically speaking, these ten years you are climbing the mountain step by step.

SOL: This coincides with my thoughts. I was thinking the big changes would be after I was 30 years old. (I am) relieved.

Palm Reader: When I see your left hand, I see you are a person who has no discrimination at all. You don’t discriminate between men and women or because of their nationality. You don’t think “Idol shouldn’t do this” or think you have to show yourself as a big person. Because of that your stage(performance) is very interesting.


SOL: Please tell me about love too.

Palm Reader: There might be a very close person like (a) soulmate. But it is okay not to think about somehow getting good results with opposite sex right now. Getting along with everybody (first) is good〜

SOL: I wish my fingers were a little bit longer.

Palm Reader: A person who has long fingers takes a long time to think/get results. SOL’s has good balance.

SOL: I thought I understood myself well but after listening to what you say, I feel like I understand myself more clearly! Thank you.


A line
This line shows when he tried hard to go the way which he can make use of his talent and be recognized, and that the path opened up when he was 17 years old.

B line
The line shows that there would be a big change when he is 31 years old.

C line
The line is the proof that he can make a fortune by using his sense.

D line
It shows he is modest.

E line
It is called the  “Masukake” line. Only one in twenty five (people) have it.  It is a good omen and the person who has it demonstrates superior leadership too.

Translations by Yuko@ALWAYSTAEYANG.COM | Do not remove credit when posting elsewhere
Thanks to Tisya from Big Bang Updates and happyrichlife for the photo scans.

Big Bang also had another palm reading on the Japanese Morning show GyaO Midtown TV back in April 2008.  The guest reader had something very similar to say about Taeyang. (I thought the video was well worth watching for the cute alone :).)

A rough translation of his reading on the show:

SOL’s palm line is a parallel line. It is very special and in Japan, legendary people usually have it.  This line means SOL can reach the top in Japan and can “get” the world.

Even though Big Bang’s leader is GD, Big Bang should also get advice about important things from SOL.  [Ed note: That kind of line either means “genius” or its opposite.]

SOL is a deep-thinking type man.  He is the type who is trying to do the best for others in the background. He doesn’t have any bad points and  has many attractive sides.

SOL is the image of “water”. (SOL has a water personality that women usually have.)

The reader said “I saw his aura but I don’t know… it’s a mysterious aura.” She said “SOL’s mind is deep so he makes people wonder like “what’s this guy?”.

[Meaning his aura is kind of mysterious, the kind you can’t figure out well, so it draws people and makes them want to know more about him.] The other people on the show asked her what she meant, but she just said it was kind of puzzling for her too. [Possibly that’s why she couldn’t explain well?]

Thanks to gnuoynusgnak for the upload.


17 thoughts on “Taeyang’s Future in his Hand”

  1. Hmmm….either these people did their research on YB, or they’re truly legit and YB has been living his life exactly the way he’s destined to.

    I’m going to have to go with the latter. He’s destined for fame and isn’t afraid to work hard for it. A 30-yr old YB isn’t something that I can even comprehend at the moment yet something I am anxiously awaiting. If all of his triumphs so far are a sign of what is to come in 10 years, I’m not sure if the world will be ready for it. 😀

    That video was so cute. YB’s all like “Oh…oh…okay. Really? Oh, I understand”. Then being a goof and kissing his palm like that. Such a dork sometimes. Hahaha

  2. “SOL: Please tell me about love too.”

    don’t worry taeyang..i’ll be there for you…^_^..

    i can see that Taeyang is really great person..has warm heart..it looked in his SOLAR concert..his concert was looked simple (if we compare with other’s concert..like G dragon) but really really amazing..:-)

    love you taeyang..

  3. i wish to be his soulmate !!!
    he is a big talent, that’s right, but i dont care if he can “get” the world… love him already 🙂 he’s so cute

  4. wow!! it’s so impressive!!!
    that’s totally right…
    TAEYANG is the person was born with big talent.

    trust me, Taeyang will absolutely be the top of the world!!!

  5. ooo very interesting. Especially the part about big changes happening after he surpasses 30. I wonder if it’s referring to his career, b/c I also feel like it would be around that age (or maybe late 20s) when his efforts will pay off.

  6. I have it too .. i have simian lines in my right hand and the lines of structure like M in my left hand..ryt now i am in japan ..what does these line means?? Please reply back

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