Taeyang on Episodes 9-10 of 2ne1TV Season 3

Better late than never. YGE has Episode 9 of 2ne1 TV finally subbed on their official channel.

See Taeyang get ready for Supertraxx at Pentaport at 7:00-8:08, rehearse at 11:59-12:59, and get fashion advice starting at 16:49.

To make things easier for Taeyang fans, YBMania has so kindly collected all the clips for Episodes 9 and 10 in a video (no English subs, though the bits in Episode 10 starting at 4:40 don’t really need it.)

Thanks to YBManiaOfficial2 for the video clip!


5 thoughts on “Taeyang on Episodes 9-10 of 2ne1TV Season 3”

  1. Awww and my YBMinzy love grows even more! It’s so obvious that YB is Minzy’s favorite member. When she was changing, they were all like, “Oh, you get to see YB!” and then in the car she was all worried about getting there on time to see him perform.

    I swear, YBMinzy is giving BomBae a run for their money in my heart. Haha

    And the 3 hyungs of BB are such goofs. Really? Is choosing an outfit that hard? “This one? Or that one?” That’s what happens when they have too many options. They should just give everything to me and make it easier on themselves. 😛

    1. I thought the part when Taeyang was choosing his sunglasses was really funny – Top: “you look like a superstar in that one!” TY: “But they’re too dark – I can’t seeee” (wears them anyway.)

      And TY choosing to wear the plain white shirt that he ALWAYS wears – who didn’t see that coming? 😛

  2. I loved Ep9 and 10, the boys were just such dorks!!!! Choosing outfits and accessories like girls do, hahahahahahah! I guess it happens to guys too, lol

    Minzy really likes her Young Bae oppa, hor hor hor~ Didn’t want to miss his performance, too cute!!! >w<

    Must say the subs took forever to come, but like you said BM, better late than never =)

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