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“Since this is what you’ve chosen, you have to take responsibility.”

My parents hoped that when we grew up, my brother and I would choose professions such as lawyers, doctors, or professors, which is probably not much different from other families. Unfortunately, my brother and I both had more interest for music than for studying. They were fine with us becoming piano or music teachers too if we couldn’t go with their first choices. I had once thought that their dream for us was my dream for myself too.

However, as I’ve always been a child who followed his parents’ wishes, they were visibly shocked when I announced that I am to become a contracted trainee for YG. They even tried to talk me out of it. They said if I really liked the fields of music or entertainment, why not become an actor instead of a singer so that it’s a more stable career path?

Although I had the principles of “no field/line of work was easy”, and “at least becoming a singer was what I wanted and what I was good at” to my defense, I still had to disobey my parents’ wishes for the first time in order to sign the contract that would solidify my stubbornness. My way of getting my parents to agree did not include running away from home, going on hunger strike, or giving them the silent treatment. Even though realizing my dreams was important to me, I wouldn’t want this to strain my relationships or bring others pain and sadness. Nevertheless, I am very thankful that my parents weren’t immovable mountains.

I always do what I am told. Cleaning is the most basic, a task I would do even if I wasn’t instructed to since it was something that would make my parents happy if I did it. This is one of those things that would not change even after I become a trainee and then a singer, a kind of unspoken promise from a loving son. As long as I had the time and the chance, I would sincerely say what I feel.

I would like to share my experience for those who are feeling troubled because their parents are opposed what they want.

If I had something I really wanted to do and the people around me were against it, I could kiss my chance to get their blessing goodbye if I just scowled and refused to talk.

There will also be times when I am very certain about my ideas, but because I am young and inexperienced I cannot find the words to convince them. If I had just given up then or turned my back complaining that my parents don’t understand me at all, the chance to convince them would be gone for good, and this would only cause misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Both sides would forever be unable to understand one another. This was how I felt then. I will not cause conflict, but instead I’ll try to truly understand from my parent’s perspective, using my quiet voice to convince them to come around.

Finally, all the convincing paid off and my parents gave me their approval… on one condition.

“Okay, if you really want to do this, go ahead. But since this is the path you’ve chosen, you have to be responsible and see it through. You have to finish what you start. Regardless if you encounter failures or setbacks, you’re not allowed to make excuses.

Oh, and there was another condition. “You can’t neglect your studies because of your becoming a trainee.” More importantly, I had to keep my grades up.

With my parents’ blessing as I agreed to their conditions, I started to formally embark on my journey upon the “Wild Road” of my dreams.

Translator’s Note: This is Part 5 of Taeyang’s Shouting Out to the World, a translation from the Chinese translation of Shouting Out to the World by Big Bang China. This is merely a fan translation and is not affiliated with YG Entertainment or the publisher Sam and Parkers. This should only be for the fans’ personal use and should not be reproduced, modified, redistributed for any commercial purposes. Please do not take out/repost elsewhere without the translator’s explicit permission.  

Credits: Chinese Translation by 贼@BBCN.

English translation by : amandajaclyn18.tumblr.com /@amandajaclyn18 at twitter.  With permission to be reposted by Alwaystaeyang.

Lol, I thought the story was that he cried and moped around till his parents said yes. Anyway, I’m glad that Taeyang’s parent’s weren’t “unmovable mountains” and let their son follow his dreams. And I liked the conditions too. I think it would be very hard as parents to see your child follow such an unstable dream but they had faith in their son.


  1. Hmm. I also seem to recall something about not being able to do much to convince his parents except crying about it (though I can’t recall exactly where I read it.) Though either way, this is pretty good advice. I doubt anyone would be able to convince one’s parents they were mature enough to make decisions about their future if they were throwing tantrums or hunger strikes. And he’s certainly taken his parents words to heart, Taeyang is nothing if not focused on being a singer. Boy is definitely persistent.

    1. Guess we were all thinking the same thing. I thought he cried and sulked like crazy too…unless we’re all confusing is with something else? There’s been so many YB articles it’s so hard to keep straight after awhile. Haha

      I can see that his parents’ decree has stayed with YB til this day. Basically never giving up and seeing everything until the end. I’m happy to see that they believed in YB enough to let him do it. I don’t think they would have given him that ultimatum unless they were sure that he would prevail and succeed. And the fact that his parents’ weren’t so quick to just allow him to go and become a singer made him want to work even harder.

      Thanks Momma and Poppa Dong for raising your son the way you did. He’s turned out great if I do say so myself!!! 😀

  2. Great advice =) He’s definitely seen to his parents’ conditions to the end, but I have to thank his parents for approving him to follow his own dreams.

    Otherwise, there’d be no pleasure in watching him on stage at all. Thank you!!!!

  3. i think i also read that he ran away a lot and wouldn’t come home for days sometimes bc he’d stay at pc bangs.. lol. hmmmmmmmm…

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