Day 2: Taeyang at 2ne1′s Nolza – Fancams (110827)

Once again Taeyang  broke it down during the 2nd day of 2NE1’s NOLZA concert. During his dance battle with Minzy it seems like they both were more comfortable.


Taeyang and Minzy’s Look Only At Me 

Look at that hug!

Solo dance 

He looks like he’s having so much fun and I love the dance though his flip looks a bit sloppy.


Where You At 

Look at that crowd interaction! Love it.



I liked this version more than yesterday, vocals seem better, though it could just be a clearer fancam. I love seeing this song performed live.


cr: YBmania, 


*I’ll continue to post as more fancams get posted

11 thoughts on “Day 2: Taeyang at 2ne1′s Nolza – Fancams (110827)”

  1. Loved Day 2 as well. I think he sang much better, though I thought he danced better in Day 1 (and had the ab flash too.) So it was about even on both days I think 🙂

    1. Yup. His vocals were better on Day 2 but his dance moves were cleaner and sharper on Day 1. It would have been even on both days except for you could tell he was on his game on Day 2. More crowd interaction….I bet no one expected him to walk down off the stage like that. You could just hear how much the screaming increased once he did that. He was more comfortable with Minzy, look how he initiated the hug first! My baby is growing up!!! Oh no!!!!!

        1. Ahhhh….you got me there.

          But the ab flash wasn’t clear on Day 1. So I think I would still give it to Day 2.

          I didn’t even expect him to perform today. Is he expected to perform on Day 3 too? Hopefully he’ll have better vocals, better dancing, AND the ab flash. Gotta be bigger and better on the last day!

  2. Really have to thank YBMania and all the YB fansites for these amaazing fancams. Considering we don’t see a lot of YB on stage these days, I’m always very excited whenever we’re able to get a glimpse of him. Very thankful! ❤
    I also like his performances today compared to yesterday. A bit more hyped, and the vocals were spot on.

  3. Awwww!!! Loved the YBMinzy hug!!! So cute and just so adorable!

    These fancams are really awesome, so big thanks to those who took it~~~ =)

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