Taeyang at 2ne1’s Nolza – Fancams (110826)

Taeyang was a guest artist on the first day of 2ne1’s concert Nolza and finally got to break it down with dongseng Minzy (with some help from the YG Dancers.) Some fancams from the concert:

Taeyang joins Minzy during LOAM

Uploaded by YBManiaOfficial2

Uploaded by taeyangNmoon (shot by Saying)

Taeyang and Minzy Dance Battle (with the YG Dancers)

MENT (Thanks to piglet for the translation):
Minzy: It’s a shame to send him off now, right? You don’t want to send him off do you?
Taeyang: I’m going to sing now. I came as a guest.
Minzy: Ah ah, but there is something i want to do, oppa.
Taeyang: What?
Minzy: Dance Battle…

Uploaded by YBManiaOfficial2

Uploaded by taeyangNmoon (shot by Saying)

Uploaded by Juckdo

Taeyang’s Solo Stage: Superstar and Where U At

Uploaded by taeyangNmoon (shot by Saying)

Uploaded by YBManiaOfficial2

Uploaded by Juckdo

Thanks to all the uploaders!


20 thoughts on “Taeyang at 2ne1’s Nolza – Fancams (110826)”

  1. Loved everything about Taeyang’s guesting at the concert – especially the little dance “battle” (and hug!) he had with Minzy. It’s about time they got to dance together – and hopefully its just the first of more dances in the future! And its great that the YG dancers got to join in the fun (especially since we know Minzy and Taeyang are especially close to them.) Everyone looked like they were having a really good time.

  2. I’m so freakng spazzing right now it’s not even funny. A YB/Minzy collabo has been on my wishlist for so long and now it can finally be checked off. Now I just need a complete, legit BomBae collabo (side-eyeing you YG!!!).

    It looks like they all had so much fun!!! It really was a “NOLZA” concert. YB was having a blast. Rocking the stage with his performance. He sounded really good and the dance breaks were very nicely done. Him and Minzy’s dougie dance? EPIC!!!!

    I’ve always loved their relationship. He seems to have been Minzy’s favorite BB member from the beginning and if you’ve watched 2NE1tv, you’ve probably noticed that she seems even closer to him now. Awwww…YB can add being the best oppa to his “little sister” to his ever-growing list of talents.

  3. me to i love Taeyang’s guesting at the concert and i lol that Taeyang fancam is better and got more vids up than 2NE1 BJ need to learn from Taeyang fans how to take fancams. i hope next year Minzy and Taeyang have a album together this two are just awesome.

  4. OMG!!! OMG!! I am a big Minzy stan (I stanned her even before I started stanning YB) and to see them finally share a stage!! I know Minzy wouldn’t forget her Young Bae oppa! And that hug!! I died! They were flawless together. As a Minzy/YB bias person the only thing that would be more wonderful is a joint song. Hopefully that happens soon.

      1. Hmm, but is it from an interview with Minzy, or an interview with GD or Taeyang? I’ve been searching google for it but I can’t find any info on this 😦

  5. When I heard the song ‘A Milli’ for a second there I thought YB was going to bust out Lyle’s choreo for it. Would have been awesome if he did, but I shall settle for hit freakin’ CLEAN freestyle.

  6. OMG those two are so freaking cute! TaeZy is adorable! It’s lovely to see them collab coz YB has been mentioned as Minzy’s fave oppa for a while now. YB is to Minzy like GD is to CL, I’m such a happy VIP-Blackjack right now (not that there was ever a question about that) 😀

  7. omg that dance battle with minji was awesome and their LOAM duet was great.
    minji finally got her wish.she’s such youngbae’s baby girl,always talking about her youngbae oppa.she’s so lucky to have an awesome big brother like him.

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