Q&A : GQ and Cine 21

GQ Editor Jang Woo Chul caught Taeyang on the way out and asked him :

Q: What would you do if you’re cast for [the show] “I Am A Singer”?

A:  I’m already a singer. Actually I’m into Cho Yongpil’s songs these days. I’ve not heard domestic music that much, so I never thought I’d like them. But while listening to Cho Yongpil’s songs and watching his performances, I found out what I had felt I’m lacking in. Instead of appearing, I’d like to make an effort to be a better singer. Just on the assumption that they ask me to appear.

From GQ September 2011, “40 Questions for 40 People”

And in other news…

Cine 21 asked 10 magazine directors about ‘the best article of our magazine’, and F.ound Magazine’s director answered, “Taeyang interview – we dug up another side of an idol in the way only we can show”. (ATY’s translation of that interview and the gorgeous photoshoot here.)

Thanks to YB Mania for the scan!

TRANSLATION BY MYOKOON@ALWAYS TAEYANG (Please credit when taking elsewhere!)

Oh my, even a little bit of TY + GQ makes me hope that new music is around the corner because he only makes an appearance on the magazine around the time when he is actively promoting (or thinks he is about to anyway.)

And that F.ound interview is one of my favorite ones he has ever done. (Glad to see the editors liked it as much as I did.) I’m nearly as excited for a new batch of interviews when he finally starts promoting as I am about the music. Considering that he seems to be entering this with a completely different frame of mind and attitude than he did with Solar, I’m guessing he has a lot more to say this time around.

7 thoughts on “Q&A : GQ and Cine 21”

  1. BM! Don’t tease me like this! You know how I love YB and his magazine interviews, especially the GQ ones. These little mentions just makes me sit on the edge of my seat for his next interviews.

    And I hope you’re right, the only time YB is usually mentioned in magazines is when he has some works ready to be released. I guess we’re not the only ones anxious to see what YB has up his sleeves. With such a varied list of people linked to YB’s new album, I can’t even imagine how it’s going to come out.

      1. Hahaha. I hope not! Some of my favorite YB looks are when he’s wearing plain, fitted sweaters.

        Although he seems to be on this sleeveless shirt craze. Typical YB….once he finds something he likes, he wears it non-stop. YB is most definitely a creature of comfort.

  2. Oooo~~~ This makes me so excited!!! I don’t know how in the world I missed that lovely F.OUND magazine interview (because it was so so epic and awesome).

    I can’t even start to see how his next album will be, hahaha!

    I always love ATY translations, sounds so much better than others =)

  3. As to Taeyang appearing on I Am A Singer – trust GQ to give us some insight from past interviews:

    From https://alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com/2010/11/25/interview-taeyang-gq-man-of-the-year/

    He stutters a little, “It’s… It’s like… I think it’s like this. If I really like that artist, if I truly like that song, then I can sing it. But to sing a difficult song simply to show off how accomplished I am… I’ve always felt that a song is meant to share its sincerity and to move people. Singing just to show off your level and craft is meaningless.” He is unsparing. It wasn’t anything to dither about, but it was such a rare kind of comment that it vibrated with me.

    His singing is not about how many octaves he can climb, or how amazingly he can sing the climactic section of “Nothing Better.” It’s not the kind you can contend against someone else’s. In fact, he may not be able to win such a contest. Instead, we give ear to Taeyang’s singing because of his voice color and his supple vocal expression. It’s because he doesn’t sing with an acquired technique of “this must be sung this way.” Rather, his sincere effort to always put himself into his singing is beautiful.

    In the end, I think YB has given his answer. He would never really join these contests because he doesn’t like trying to prove how good he is compared to others. For him, its more about good songs and the music and touching people’s hearts. And JWC said it: He’ll never win a contest based on technique, but its because he always puts himself into his singing that makes it beautiful.

    I remember commenting before to someone on a forum who was putting YB down for not composing his own songs, saying it makes him “overrated” and undeserving of his popularity. I told her that with YB it is never about making himself look good, but rather choosing the best song or one he loves regardless of who wrote it. More than being a venue of creative expression, I think YB puts a premium on putting out a good product that he believes in – its about delivering good music not about making himself the star or proving his celebrity status. Inspite of my wanting to hear more of his self composed work, his high standards makes me respect him more rather than less. I don’t need a vanity project from him – I just want good music.

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