DJ Dong’s Song Recommendations and Twitter randomness

Taeyang seems to be on a roll on twitter with song recommendations.

He recommended JoJo’s ‘Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better)’. This is a remix of a Drake song. I actually like this version better than Drake’s version because I love JoJo’s voice and I just love this song. To the younger fans, be warn that there’s some strong language used.

And of course Taeyang being Taeyang it wouldn’t be long before he recommended a Michael Jackson song. This time he recommended ‘Speechless’.

While this isn’t my favorite MJ song (that will forever be ‘Dirty Diana’) but I do love this song and I’m happy he recommended a MJ song that not many are as familiar with.

He also recommended Demi Lovato’s ‘Skyscraper’.

I have to say I’m not a fan of Demi (more of a Selena if I had to pick a tween star to like) however, I have to say this is a pretty good song and I do love the message of the song.

On August 15, DJ Dong also recommended ‘I Hope It Would Be That Way’ by Cho Yongpil

Translation: Today this song is playing in my heart~ “I Hope It Would Be That Way” by Cho Yongpil..listen to it together~

cr: @HuisuYoon on twitter

Never heard this song before but I’m happy that Taeyang brought it to my attention. It’s a beautiful ballad and I probably wouldn’t have heard it if it wasn’t for this tweet. God job, Taeyang!

Earlier on, Taeyang recommend Chris Brown’s ‘Your Body’ from the Boy In Detention mixtape. I’ve never been a big fan of C. Breezy even before the whole battery charges, however I have to say I did like this song even though Chris is trying to rap again.

Along with being an internet DJ, Taeyang has also tweeted and retweeted some cute pictures.

He retweeted this picture from Mina Kwon who is a graphic designer, artist and  illustrator. She’s also the woman who did Chris Brown’s Boy In Detention mixtape album cover. Seems like she and Taeyang may be working together or at the very least she’s working with YGE on something because the picture she tweeted was from the YG studio.

cr: @minakwon on twitter

That’s certainly some *cough* swag, lol.

And he also tweeted this strange tweet and yesterday that had some people wondering if he shaved his head again. Personally I really enjoyed it when he shaved it last time but I think the hawk is still there.

Cr: @realtaeyang

I’ve been loving Taeyang on twitter and all his song recommendations and randomness so I hope he continues to catch the twitter bug. Also, what has been your favorite song of the recommendations? For me it’s a tie between JoJo’s ‘Marvin’s Room’ and Cho Yongpil’s ‘I Hope It Would Be That Way’.

10 thoughts on “DJ Dong’s Song Recommendations and Twitter randomness”

  1. I Love Jojo Remix of Marvin’s Room. One of the few times I can say that the cover is actually better than the original. Good recommendations, DJ Dong 🙂

  2. I love love all his song recommendations, it fits perfectly with the songs on my iPod. Especially the weeknd and jojo’s remix. I wonder who’s recommending songs to him and how he finds these songs. Its like he’s yearning to be in America bc he can fit in so well. ❤ I knew he was the perfect idol to follow since the beginning.

  3. I actually love JoJo’s version of Marvin’s room. I think awhile back I saw him tweet something about The Weeknd and I went a bit crazy because I had had that artist on repeat for a long time.
    He has great music taste ❤

  4. i’m always at lost for words when listening to MJ’s of my favorite mj song.i love it so much.glad YB love this song too.

  5. I really like Jojo’s remix.
    But the Demi Lovato’s song…eww… :((((((
    (I can’t stand listening to that out-of-breath “singer” though i think the song is not so bad …)
    anyway it’s nice to see his recommendations . The fans seem to enjoy them 😀

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