Wheesung and Kim Tae Woo Cover Taeyang’s I Need A Girl


Famous Korean vocalist Wheesung and Kim Tae Woo covered Taeyang’s I Need A Girl during their August 12-13, 2011 joint concert titled “2011 Two Man Show – Soul Twins“. The cover really starts at the 1:15 mark.

Wow, Tae Woo and Wheesung are amazing and popular vocalist and for them to cover Taeyang’s I Need A Girl says how good of an R&B song it is. And the fact that they had so much fun with the song (which I think it’s part of it’s charm) shows.  That girl is very lucky to have Tae Woo and Wheesung fighting over her. Anyway, I adored the cover, what do you guys think?


cr: cherrypi393@youtube, Nate

14 thoughts on “Wheesung and Kim Tae Woo Cover Taeyang’s I Need A Girl”

  1. Loved this! actually made me so nostalgic,its been a year since SOLAR! I’ve been not-so-avid in following and keeping up with Taeyang/BIGBANG these days, wow I miss them! 😥

  2. That was dope. Guy’s got mad vocal chops, both of em. Shaun/Taeyang’s moves will make anyone look good, that guy was doing em alright too. Girl on bench, dance, and serenade = win. I don’t normally like Taeyang covers.

  3. Wheeesungggggg =O awww, they both were good. That grl is freakn lucky, I think I’d faint already. Hahaa, but awesome cover & loveeeeeed it. Taeyang must be proud cus theirs so many artists that performs to his songs, especially this one.

  4. Wow…..to have your song covered by not only 4men, but Wheesung and KTW (although I really feel like I’m forgetting another iconic singer as well, help anyone? BLUEMAID???? if you see this at least) is truly an honor.

    I’m sure YB is super proud to hear of such famous singers thinking so highly of his song that they’ve performed it at their concerts, especially since I feel that INAG isn’t appreciated as much as it should be. I guess YB/YG knew what they were doing when they made it the title track.

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