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“President Yang, if you won’t allow me to be a trainee, I’d be nothing!”

Shooting this MV marked the second time in my life I’ve done acting. I once again tried to gather up my courage in that setting. That day, the CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk visited the set. Since I rarely saw him, I couldn’t bring myself to look at him directly when I was actually seeing him with my own eyes. At that time, I felt my heart threatening to fly out of my ribcage. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by. Since once we finish filming the MV, my role as little Sean would be over and so would any connection I had with YG. Thoughts like “I can’t not do something” and “I can’t just do nothing” were running through my mind, pushing me to action.

With that, I suddenly walked towards President Yang who was in the middle of a conversation with Jinusean. Although I had already gathered up the guts to do it, once I was actually in front of him, I started shaking.

“President Yang, I want to be a singer.”

With my shaking voice, I expressed my aspiration. Maybe from President Yang’s perspective, hearing a grade school student fearlessly saying something like this to him was both cute and absurd at the same time. He smiled slightly and said something to address the situation at hand.

“We will contact you after a while. Go home and wait to hear from us.”

Looking back, I think I caused the lively atmosphere on set to dissipate with my actions. That’s why President Yang was quick to appease a child with an absurd request. But I actually pinned all my hopes on that vague promise of “after a while”, waiting earnestly for President Yang to contact me.

After roughly a month, which felt like 10 agonizing years to me, I couldn’t wait any longer and just decided to go to YG office. Because I did not make an appointment, I just barged into President Yang’s office and asked,

“President Yang, why did you say you’d be contacting me yet I still haven’t heard from you?”

Having a kid suddenly appearing out of nowhere is enough to make you flustered, what more a kid who’s acting like a debt collector here to pick a bone with you?

Caught off-guard and momentarily speechless, President Yang actually gave an apology he shouldn’t have had to give.

“Ah? Really? You… It’s you… Ah, I’m sorry. I was too busy”

I immediately replied,

“So that means you’ll let me become a trainee?”

After recovering from the initial shock, President Yang gave me a swift “Okay, go!” It’s possible that he was more impressed with my courage than with my talent then. After some time, President Yang shared what he felt on our encounter that day.

“At first I was thinking how a little kid could say something like that, so I just told him vaguely that we’ll contact him after some time to appease him. I did not expect the kid to just barge into my office and berate me for not contacting him. I was shocked to say the least. I was so flustered that I apologized to him and said it was because I was too busy. Nevertheless, a kid brave enough to enter our office is impressive. I felt his courage was commendable.”

And that marked the beginning of my life as a YG trainee, the start of six years of happiness and hard work.

Translator’s Note: This is Part 4 of Taeyang’s Shouting Out to the World, a translation from the Chinese translation of Shouting Out to the World by Big Bang China. This is merely a fan translation and is not affiliated with YG Entertainment or the publisher Sam and Parkers. This should only be for the fans’ personal use and should not be reproduced, modified, redistributed for any commercial purposes. Please do not take out/repost elsewhere without the translator’s explicit permission.  

Credits: Chinese Translation by 贼@BBCN.

English translation by : amandajaclyn18.tumblr.com /@amandajaclyn18 at twitter.  With permission to be reposted by Alwaystaeyang.


We’ve all heard this story but the more I learn about it the more incredible it is. Taeyang was only around 10 years old and for him to barge in on a CEO of a Record company not once but twice is amazing. I honestly don’t think I could have done it. And he even got President Yang to apologize to him, lol. I still see that focus and that goal-oriented pursuit in Taeyang today. Your thoughts?



  1. What a brave child! Especially being so shy, wow I wouldn’t have thought it went down this way! He must’ve really wanted this. Imagine if our YB would have waited and waited for the call that would never come.. we wouldn’t have Taeyang. It’s so interesting to read about little YB!

  2. Ooh I cant honestly say I’d do the same. He wanted it bad enough that’s for sure, and without that powerful will to want to be a singer he would’ve never have gotten to be who he is. I’m so proud to be one of his fans, to say the least. He’s definitely a risk taker. Ha ha ha.

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