Stage 2 – With honest hard work, one can shine anywhere.

“So jump… there’s nothing fascinating about going around in circles.”

The only prerequisite for a hopeful tomorrow is a today that’s different from yesterday.

For this hopeful tomorrow, we are still working hard even up to now.

In the next section, I will share my recollection of this journey I’ve taken with no regrets.

My destiny found me, like it was pre-ordained.

Towards the Exciting “Wild Road”

In senior high school, there was a student in my class who was crazy about video games. There were no other words to describe him. He not only played video games all night long; he even went to internet cafes in the morning before school to play. It’s not just a simple hobby. In terms of skill, he was completely comparable to a professional gamer. Whenever a new game was released, he would be the fastest in finishing all the levels. If he found a bug or a glitch in a game, he would write cheat codes and share to everyone.

One day, we had the chance to chat. Because I was a trainee, I spent more days out of school than in school. But the times I was able to chat with my friends are beautiful memories for me, so I could never forget about this incident.

“Hey you, what’s your dream?”

Since he loved games so much, and his family was pretty well-off, I asked and waited in anticipation for an answer from him that would be compatible with his passion and skills.

“Ah? Erm…Of course, my dream is to own an internet café! That way I can still play games without having to pay!”


Of course, this was his dream. There’s no right or wrong. But I was really expecting that he’d have a huge ambition so I felt somewhat disappointed.

In my heart, I wanted to say “You could easily realize that dream! Why not dream of something bigger and further from your reach?”

But I couldn’t say my thoughts out loud. He had his own life. And his choice deserved to be respected and affirmed. But if I had the chance now, I would tell him “For someone who could become a world-class professional gamer, having that little aspiration is dangerous and is such a huge waste.”

Ever since I began concrete actions to actually fulfill my dream of becoming a singer, quite frankly I had lost interest in school. It’s not because I disliked my teachers or my classmates, but I was disappointed with the “slow progress” of school. The repetitiveness, purposelessness, and meaninglessness of the academic path, the irrationality and slow efficiency of the learning methods, and the incoherency of systems all made me feel resentful and dissatisfied.

But what I couldn’t bear was seeing some of my classmates cooped up in school, who were sated with food and remained idle. To my young eyes, they were purposelessly wasting each valuable day. They ate good food. As long as their teachers did not scold them, they were fine. As long as they improved their grades even for just a little bit, they were happy. They selected answers on multiple choice questions like selecting a drink from the vending machine.

I have long given up on the idea that I could be like them – that I could take pleasure in having a stable life and live happily. Maybe someday I would regret the choice I made. But I removed the illusions and chose to leave earlier because of this.

I left the somewhat boring but stable sidewalk with a friendly warning sign and chose the rough “Wild Road”, in which I have no idea where it led to. It was a choice that could not be remade again the moment I had made my choice. I could not enjoy the lives my friends were leading; and likewise my friends would not have what I had.

One day, I suddenly had a chance encounter with my dream, like it was pre-destined.


Translator’s Note: This is Part 1 of Taeyang’s Shouting Out to the World, a translation from the Chinese translation of Shouting Out to the World by Big Bang China. This is merely a fan translation and is not affiliated with YG Entertainment or the publisher Sam and Parkers. This should only be for the fans’ personal use and should not be reproduced, modified, redistributed for any commercial purposes. Please do not take out/repost elsewhere without the translator’s explicit permission.  

Credits: Chinese Translation by 贼@BBCN.

English translation by : amandajaclyn18.tumblr.com /@amandajaclyn18 at twitter.  With permission to be reposted by Alwaystaeyang.


Wow, seems like Taeyang is of the dream big or go home outlook on life. I’m glad he decided not to settle for mediocrity  and pursued his dreams, choosing that Wild Road.

Anyway, ATY will be slowly posting the parts of Shouting as they get translated. For those who don’t know, Shouting Out To The World was the bestselling book that Big Bang wrote about their journey and struggle to become Korean stars that was released in 2009. 



  1. Thank you for translating! I’ve always wanted to read what BB had to say. It looks like YB really dreams big rather than small, an ambitious and determined person indeed! 😉

        1. there hasn’t been an English translation which is why we’re doing this translation. Otherwise we would just tell fans to buy it

  2. I really liked how this anecdote shows so much of Taeyang’s character in a few short sentences – his ambitions and the high expectations he sets for himself, why he tries so hard at what he does, his focus and impatience with things that he considers “distractions.” It’s also interesting when I look back on what he has said in past interviews (such as when he mentions that he had previously wanted to be on Billboard etc. but now his dreams are different, so that rather than trying to be the best he would rather be a meaningful singer. https://alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/star-diary-taeyang%e2%91%a9-i-wish-to-be-a-meaningful-singer-rather-than-the-best/

    I wonder at how maturity and his experiences in the industry have changed his expectations of himself , but I like that he seems to be benchmarking more against himself than on others (inspite of his occasional joke that he wants to be as successful as Usher someday.) I think he will always drive himself hard to reach his own (high) standards but that he has relaxed with trying to measure up to other people in the industry and is making his own personal standards of success. While it will not make him less driven, I think it will eventually make him happier as a person and a better artist overall.

    1. yes, I think he’s realized that he needs to also strive for happiness too. That chasing fame/high benchmarks may mean missing out on life

  3. i rmb reading an article about a CEO of a huge company giving this book to his executives and saying that the book was a war survival kit or sth like that.

    this book is like,VIPs bible.thanks for the translation.everyone should pay attention to this book coz it’s very inspirational.

    youngbae is simply amazing.he made me speechless sometimes.

  4. will start reading from part 1 to part 7 while listening to their songs . 🙂
    this will help me get to know him and understand him more. I’ve only been a VIP for 2 months and i know i have to catch up to you guys, keke! please give me you support. ayt? much love here! * wink

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