Taeyang and Jung Yujong in the studio

Looks like Taeyang is back in the studio hard at work.

More below the cut

Jung Yujong, guitarist for the band Daybreak, recently tweeted that he is working with cool musicians  “Murf -hyung, 철이 and Taeyang.” (I’m guessing he’s talking about DJ Murf; not sure who 철이 is though.)   I’m happy to hear that Taeyang is working with session musicians this time around. Hope this is what he was referring to in his last GQ interview : “Recently, a guitarist was playing in Teddy hyung’s room, and it just caught my attention. Listening to those guitar sounds, I thought, “Ah, I should make a song like this,” so I’m thinking of writing a song that uses guitar.

Really excited to see the results of all these recordings.  Real instruments FTW!

Thanks to YB Mania for the heads up.

7 thoughts on “Taeyang and Jung Yujong in the studio”

  1. I am friggin’ stoked for his new album. There was speculation a few weeks ago saying Taeyang’s new album is gonna be out late this year and a GDYB sub-unit group/album announced in September…only rumors though. No need to rush friend!

  2. I think 철이 is referring to Peejay? His Korean name is Park Jung-Chul, which would be affectionately shortened to “Chul-ee.” At least that would be my guess, seeing as he co-composed What Is Right, Cafe and YB’s Connection with DJ Murf. ^^

    1. ooh. Good guess.

      Hmm. Is Daybreak considered a rock band? I’m wondering if Taeyang is going to dabble with rock the same way BB/2ne1 (or should we say GD and Teddy) have been. I don’t know how happy I would be with that considering I was hoping that YB would delve into R&B more with his next release post Solar, but then again I guess we’ll only know when the album is finally out.

      So it looks like there will be a real mix in the producers section of his songs and that he’s using the different YG producers and looking outside as well. I wonder how they are going to keep it cohesive (though I have enough faith in Taeyang’s musical taste that it will all make sense somehow.)

      1. yeah Taeyang got real mix in the producers and with Lydia Paek helping him i can see him singing how short he is or ugly like 2NE!

      2. I’m hoping that his dabble into guitars and such won’t mean he’s switching to rock like BB/2NE1 did. (hardly R&B/Hip-hop anymore -_-) But a lot of R&B has some rock stylings like an electric guitar. His concert featured some guitar in a few of the songs like “Sinner,” which for me made the song even more sexy than it already was. 😛 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of6CB74KD14) Or if he’s going towards the acoustic/mellow direction, I’m totally gonna pee in my pants because it’s something I’ve always wanted him to try…something light and gentle that really brings out his voice.

        Taeyang’s voice is so malleable and lovely that I probably will love it no matter what direction he takes as long as the music is organic. The great thing about him is that the more you listen to him – his music- the more you love it. You love each track for a totally different reason.

        And on the same note, I’m looking forward to this mix of producers and collaborators. As much as I love what Teddy as done for Taeyang, I want to hear something different (but not toooo different). I feel Teddy gets stuck in one mode when he’s composing (ie; most of 2NE1’s songs except for “Lonely” which I LOOOOVEEE). This will be good for YB as a “budding” composer and producer.

        Can’t you tell I’m really excited for this album?

  3. some great R&B tracks hav guitar motifs in it. i’m psyched. its once again making quality music…rather than just add layers and layers and layers of eletronic sounds. cant wait. make it very R&B and let ur colours shine through taeyanG! loving all the music he’s been recommending…eeeeeeee

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