Big Bang for The North Face

As mentioned during their recent trip to New Zealand, Big Bang will be endorsing outdoor fashion brand The North Face under the tagline “Never Stop Exploring.”  Here they are at an August 9 event for the brand and a first glimpse at some of the official ad photos.

At The North Face Event

Er,  moving on…

And from the New Zealand photoshoot:

Okay, I’ll admit it – I made this post just to be able to put this up from tumblr

“I See No Difference”

Photos via Big Bang Updates from thenorthfacekr@twitter and thenorthfacekr@FB, via gilbakk75 @ameblo, and happyrichlife @ ameblo

10 thoughts on “Big Bang for The North Face”

  1. i really love the last picture before the tumblr post, the one where they’re all laughing at something what feels like jiyong said. lol, love it so much to the point i feel guilty towards dae, and he is not even biase. oh dae…

  2. Hahahhahahahahah!!! and it just so happens that when I was little, I used to love Lala XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    and YB just so happens to be in Lala’s colour, XDDDDDDDDDD

    but the pictures look really great, that’s good ol’ NZ for ya!!! Damn I miss that place so much!!! >.<

  3. first picture lol YB,you big baby you.

    third picture from the last looks like maknae was being forced to tag along with his hyungs:D
    awww,their smiles.they looked like they had so much fun.this prolly be my favorite NF picture.

    last 2 pictures were hilarious lol omg.

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