Taeyang at Supertraxx – Fan taken photos (110805)

Amidst the hilarity and entertainment of press photos chronicling Taeyang’s awkward poses during last August 5’s Supertraxx, Taeyang fans also managed to snap some good photos of our boy. Here are some of our favorites:

Photo credits as tagged. With thanks to Sol-Mate, YB Mania and 518%.  (Also includes some official festival photos via YB Mania.) 

Though I can appreciate the funny pictures as much as anyone ( and really, one has to given  his strange new habit of pulling faces), I must admit that I still like these better.

7 thoughts on “Taeyang at Supertraxx – Fan taken photos (110805)”

  1. These would’ve been great as news press photos, rather than those funny face ones, as much as I love some of them like y’all. 😛

  2. Funny how the fan taken ones are more ‘normal’ looking than the professional ones with him pulling funny faces =D haha. Anyway YB looking good here, have to say I like these better too,lol.

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