Taeyang at Supertraxx – Rehearsal fancams and pictures

Not only was Taeyang on fire during the Supertraxx performance on August 5th, 2011 but he was also hyped up during the rehearsal as well. Check out these rehearsal pictures and fancams below.



A Session


cr: as noted, ybmania, OverTheRainbovv@youtube

Honestly I preferred his rehearsal outfit way more than his stage outfit. Anyway, I think he did an amazing performance during Supertraxx, it kind of reminded me of his Seoulfest performance from last year.



7 thoughts on “Taeyang at Supertraxx – Rehearsal fancams and pictures”

  1. wahhhh YB in loose jeans and back pack totally missed that….
    he should have worn this set of clothes… ^^

    I so miss him so much happy with his performance…

    thanks for the update ^^

  2. i love this set of pictures.i can’t stop staring.our youngbae,so gorgeous.
    i also preferred what he wore here than his stage outfit.

  3. yess! i agreeee. what he wears here for the rehearsal looks better than the stage outfit. lol. and him carrying the backpack.. whoaaaa *melts*

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