Taeyang rocks out at Supertraxx – Fancams (110805)

We’ll update if any more come in. A huge thank you to all those who shared their fancams with us.  We really appreciate it!

juckdo from Sol-mate

Uploaded by UCLAorion

Uploaded by yoohok518

juckdo from Sol-mate

Uploaded by UCLAorion

I Want You Back
juckdo from Sol-mate

Look Only at Me

juckdo from Sol-mate


kireinahana @tumblr via bigbanghavenYT02

Hands Up
juckdo from Sol-mate

juckdo from Sol-mate

Hi! It’s Taeyang, Nice to meet you…
I’ll greet you all properly : hello ! (waves) hello ! (waves)
Thank you for coming to Pentaport Toyota… what is it? Toyota Supertraxx.
It’s not raining today either so enjoy this time.
The next song is a song foreigners will know too  – it’s Michael Jackson’s song.
Please enjoy.
(Haha. In the background you can hear a guy saying “It’s raining.”)

juckdo from Sol-mate

juckdo from Sol-mate

OverTheRainbovv for YBMania

Not even going to pretend – I’m fangirling pretty hard right now. Boy have I missed him….


13 thoughts on “Taeyang rocks out at Supertraxx – Fancams (110805)”

  1. He sounded really good in Only Look At Me! Bae needs to be careful with the mic, what if it hit him in the eye…or something.

  2. seriously i thought he would be out of breathe when he got to loam, but holy dooley he sounded epic throughout the whole performance.

  3. so so sooo happy watching these fancams. Mann, has it been a looong time. He looks and sounds great! I really wish he performs at more festivals and clubs…hopefully in the future. But for now, I am satisfied..fish lips and all 😉

    1. I know! He obviously loves these performances with the band and his dancers. And he seems more relaxed and into the audience than usual. Perhaps he likes the fact that its not broadcast and he feels more free? Or maybe just that he gets to experiment a little more than in the TV performances? I too, really hope his next promos have more festivals and live gigs (and fancams of those performances 🙂 ) than in the past.

      In the meantime, I am just loving these fancams. So grateful to YB’s K-fans for their fantastic fancams – they’re a huge reason for turning me into the fan I am today.

  4. I’m usually someone who gets impatient watching fancams or performances. I’ll watch for like a minute or less then on to the next, but I seriously had to watch these all the way through. YB just gives 100% to his audience. Seeing him live is on my bucket list!

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