Taeyang performs (and makes funny faces) at Supertraxx – Press Photos (110805)

Taeyang did his thing at the August 5 Supertraxx Festival – live band and all. Early reports say that he performed Superstar, I Want You Back, Breakdown and LOAM ( and Hands Up together with GD and Top) – we’ll get back to you with more definite updates as fan accounts and fancams come in. In the meantime, here are the press photos from the event to tide us over while we wait.

Er… was the press having an awkward picture contest or something? Because while Taeyang looks handsome enough in his preferred black and white uniform of plain tee, black jeans, leather and Louboutins (though his aviators are a tad too reflective for me) his press photos are like a gift set for those who love to make macros. Okay, okay, some of them turned out decent.  Wonder when he’ll get over this fishy face phase…

Photo credits as tagged via Big Bang Updates and YB Mania.

14 thoughts on “Taeyang performs (and makes funny faces) at Supertraxx – Press Photos (110805)”

    1. WOOOOOT! This is a pretty legit photo too. The others….are hilarious and cringe worthy. I think the press got a kick out of it too.

      1. No kidding. The internet press was running articles with the photos with the headlines: “Pentecost Rock Festival Big Bang’s Taeyang – an Expression that would destroy the Camera”; “His Step already Puts your Hand Up”; “On the stage reveals his abs.” It was just the photos though, news reports say that it was a good performance.

        1. i really don’t mind them.at least it
          will make him conscious and aware that he’s making those faces lol.he’ll stop making those awkward expressions in the future.

  1. Haha. Funny-faced YB for the win!!!

    I wonder if he ever looks at the press photos from his performances. Just imagine his reaction to these pictures!

    YB was looking pretty fly. Gotta love his simple style.

  2. the eyes tend to notice all the most unnecessary things…like how there’s a hand on his crotch and another on his butt, helping to propel him. awkward, awkward stuff…

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