[COD] Do we call it Kitten Love?

Funny how Taeyang always gets compared with puppies when apparently, he’s just catnip…

A cute blog account from the owner of a cat who’s a fan:

As you may (or may not) know, I’ve had a cat since October. (Her name is 채린–>Chae lin.) She’s super cute, occasionally sweet, and she loves watching TV.

She also hates BigBang, which is rather unfortunate because I love them so much.

She especially hates T.O.P~~which is also quite unfortunate and very disappointing.

One day, I came home from school only to discover that she had not only (somehow) ripped my T.O.P poster off the wall, but she was also trying to eat it and tear it apart with her claws. And I’m not talking about just the corners or edges of the poster…she was viciously attacking his face. She also really hates his voice (probably because it’s so deep.)  Whenever I listen to BigBang music, she’ll scrunch up in the corner and hiss every time he has a solo part. (I realize that she’s not smart enough to put his face with his voice, so it’s kind of ironic that she would hate that voice so much and that face…without realizing that they belong to the same person…)

Anyways, yesterday I was watching MNet Countdown (it’s exactly what it sounds like…artists perform their new songs, and at the end they’ll announce the winner who had the number one single for that week.) 채린 really enjoys TV, so she was just sitting on the edge of my bed watching…but then she did something unusual…

 The second C.N.Blue started performing, she jumped up, right next to the TV, and she sat there completely immobile until their performance was over. (She especially seemed to like 정용화–>Jung Yong Hwa, the guy in the picture.)

Immediately after C.N.Blue, BIGBANG performed. 채린 was absolutely not happy about this. The second T.O.P started singing, she literally ran away from the TV…as fast as her little legs could carry her.


Despite my best efforts, I could not get her to come back to the TV again and I tried everything. I put treats in front of the screen. I put her favorite toy next to the TV. And I even dangled her ribbon from the top of the TV. But to no avail. She would have none of it.

However, ever since she was a tiny baby cat, I had noticed that she really likes Taeyang’s voice. I guess it’s soothing for her, because she’d always stop and listen to him singing, until his part was over, and then she’d go hiss in the corner again.

So yesterday, when Taeyang had his solo part, she went racing back to the TV…and then she started licking his face on the screen.


So, I guess she has a little crush…

And apparently little Chae lin is not the only kitten with a crush… meet Soldier:

From his owner’s description. “Soldier loves Taeyang. This happens EVERY time I play any of his songs/videos. She ignores all other music. haha.

Thanks to mah_ran_duh and allanaskittehs for sharing!

18 thoughts on “[COD] Do we call it Kitten Love?”

  1. Too cute! Obviously loved by both cats and dogs!

    YB would be the only person to have fanpets to join his multiple fanboys/girls.

  2. This post is ridiculous, but superbly hilarious and adorable. I love it. I know music can be international, but inter-species? lol.

    Taeyang needs to put on a concert for all his feline fans. 😛

  3. Hahahahha!!! YB even has cat fans now!!! Woo hoo~~

    This post is so cute, hilarious, and adorable all at the same time!!!

  4. LOL… Here’s another one…
    From the description ”

    “I put on taeyang and my kitten ran up and started watching it.. He really likes taeyang!!!” (Mime2715)

    Taeyang and kittens …

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