Taeyang here and there…

Taeyang is safe and sound back in Seoul by now but we got another little trip souvenir of Big Bang’s New Zealand photoshoot for The North Face via Seungri’s Me2day(110731):

Message: BIGBANG 뉴질랜드 노스페이스 광고촬영중 ㅡ 우리는 팥과 떡 그리고 시럽이 필요했다 거대한 빙수위에서있는기분 좋은추억만들어준 노스페이스 감사합니다.”
Tags: 한국도착 팬들위한선물 탑 태양 귀요미 촬영감독 승리 반지의제왕 나니아연대기 촬영장소

Translation:BIGBANG’s The North Face CM shooting in New Zealand ㅡ I felt like we’re standing on the top of a giant bing-soo and some bean paste and syrup is much needed. Thank you very much for the good memory, The North Face.

Tags: Arrive at Korea, Gifts to the fans, T.O.P, Taeyang, Kuiyomi,Director of Photography, Seungri, The Lord of The Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Shooting location.

Source: Seungri Me2Day via gilbakk2010@YT
Translation: TeamBigBang
via Big Bang Updates

And back in Seoul, Taeyang seems to have taken a much delayed trip to what seems to be Abiko Curry with an “Old Friend.”

@Realtaeyang: I’m having lunch with my old friend at ABIKO:) 아비꼬 처음왔는데.. 너무 맛있네요!!

Translation: I’m having a lunch with my old friend at ABIKO:) I’m here for the 1st time and it’s really good!!

From @Realtaeyang’s twitter (110731);  Translation: @HuisuYoon via Big Bang Updates

The break from formal promotions seems to be doing him good – looks like he’s having a lot of fun.  Wonder if all the recent GDYB pictures (ahem, GD & TY, sorry) hints at a possible upcoming collaboration. Hmm…

7 thoughts on “Taeyang here and there…”

  1. Ooo, I hope for a GDYB collab too!!! So glad to see him having fun, and it seems to be doing him a lot of good too, so I’m happy 😀

    Loved the short video clip Seungri uploaded, his laugh is hilarious, and TOP and YB are their usual dorky selves. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    1. Are you sure? That’s really really unlikely, but Taeyang was there not too long ago out eating with a female friend, so I guess it’s possible.

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