Taeyang Recommends R-Kelly’s Love Letter

Taeyang along with the rest of Big Bang share their music recommendations on Naver’s Musician’s Choice.

This album was written the famous singer-songwriter in 2010. R. Kelly is one of Billboard’s top 50 R&B artists for the past 25 years.

“Although there are a lot of R&B artists known as legendary figures, R. Kelly is the one who excels when it comes to singing R&B songs that have hints of soul. Also, even if there are many R&B artists who each carry their own color, I think R. Kelly has this ability to attract people who are not familiar with this type of music. The album also incorporated some classic elements in it and I recommend it to those who are tired of mainstream electronic songs and miss soul music.”




Source: Naver (May 2011)
Chinese Translation: BBCN
English Translation: Rice @ bigbangupdates.com

I’ve always wanted to know what’s on Taeyang’s playlist and thanks to this article and his recent twitter updates I now have an idea.

I honestly wasn’t very familiar with this album before I read that Taeyang recommended it and I’m happy he did. It’s very much an old-school approach to R&B and so vastly different from the noise that’s clogging up radio today. I actually see a lot of SOLAR in this album, especially in the song It’s Just A Feeling.


Go here if you want to read the rest of BIG BANG’s recommendations.

11 thoughts on “Taeyang Recommends R-Kelly’s Love Letter”

  1. i love r kelly. i’m glad that taeyang has similar music taste as mine….makes me love him more……kekekekeke.

  2. R.Kelly is one of famous R&B artist in Hollywood. i’m really glad when know Taeyang also like a lot of my favorite R&B singer from Hollywood. now i know what type a music he love to heard.he like more slow R&B, more ‘old-school’ n a ‘relax n simple’ music arrangement.

  3. lol didn’t we have this in the chatbox months ago? just now wanting to post it? lazy people is lazy.. also my kinda people 😛

  4. Not surprising. The king has flawless musical taste. This album has been one of my favorites too for this year. I knew yb had to be an R. Kelly fan.

  5. I like reading comments of how us YB biases share his taste in music. I think R. Kelly is an a-hole… but music wise… def the hit maker. Atleast he represents us Chicagoans in some kind of positive way. Good to know Taeyang listens to him as well!

    “I recommend it to those who are tired of mainstream electronic songs and miss soul music.” Thiss!! I admit I’m a fan of the poppy idol music that’s out… it’s catchy for sure.. but I do miss simpler times 🙂

  6. I gotta say I’m loving Taeyang’s recent tweets too. The music recommendations he’s been giving are DOPE especially that song by The Weeknd. Actually the entire album is SOOOO DOPE. Its an R&B album but it’s on a different end of the R&B spectrum. Its one of the those albums that requires you to really listen…and think. It sends chills down my spine. Highly recommended. Seeing what he’s been listening recently, I can’t wait for Taeyang’s album. Gahh. There’s so much I want to see from him. ~

  7. R-Kelly is probably one of the best R&B and Soul musicians i know! i guess its cool to see Taeyang have the same music choice as mine!! 😛

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