Twitter Updates: Taeyang in New Zealand

Taeyang and the rest of Big Bang have traveled to New Zealand to shoot a CF for The NorthFace apparel and it seems like our boy is happy to get out of the heat in South Korea and to the chill New Zealand weather.

Here’s the tweet that went with the above picture.

And he tweeted this later.

Taeyang seems to be traveling so much this year and since that was one of his goals, he must be happy. I’m happy to see that he’s still updating his fans through twitter.

Source: @realtaeyang


9 thoughts on “Twitter Updates: Taeyang in New Zealand”

  1. GDYB together foreverrrrrrrr!!! They look like little kids there! He’s obviously having so much fun.

    Glad to see he’s been traveling more. US, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand….what’s next? Looks like our wishes in his bday book do come true!

  2. WAT!?!?!?! NZ!!!!! Gahhhh~~~ That’s just three hours where I am!

    Am happy to see him traveling all over the world this year though, and he and GD definitely look like the BFFs and boys they are, LOL so cute!!!

  3. WAAT this is insane , if only the plane could take a wrong turn toward sydney ill me soo happy u guys are just kind slightly on our shores. I can believe this BB should come to Australia Sydney , since they are in NZ now i can have hope that one day jst one day they will make it to sydney and i will be waiting for them.

  4. I can totally picture Taeyang with a big smile on his face while tweeting…glad to know he’s having fun and fulfilling one of his goals this year. Keep it up YoungBae!

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