Taeyang Cuts from the Big Show 2011 DVD

Big Bang’s Big Show 2011 DVD was released several weeks ago in both Korean and Japan versions.  Here are some of the Taeyang cuts from the DVD – sound is excellent this time around and it looks like a really well produced concert DVD.

Where U At and I’ll Be There

Heaven (Taeyang Version)

Last Farewell (Taeyang Version – in Japan Version only)

Thanks to Maty and Sol-Mate for the uploads!

Both versions are available at YesAsia – Japan and Korean versions are very different in what they include (and the Korean version has different poster options) so please check product details carefully before you purchase.


10 thoughts on “Taeyang Cuts from the Big Show 2011 DVD”

  1. thank you for sharing~

    i have the korean version dvd and since i received it in the first week of july, i’ve watched it like once every weekend already.

    probably cause i went for all 3 nights of the big show 2011, so it is very very close to my heart. it is definitely one of the best, if not the best concerts i ever experienced. and the dvd production is nothing short of awesome.

  2. this was feb ’11. he looks so confident and happy here. for me most importantly, i can see hear how well his voice is coming along…pretty damn impressive. my jaw is literally on the floor. he’s getting there man!@#!@ WOW IM EXCITED.

    1. If there is one, I couldn’t find it…but you’re in luck. It’s on youtube for free with okay quality. http://www.youtube.com/user/akmaoo To be honest, I haven’t even watched it on youtube, I’m gonna wait and buy it with Taeyang’s next album. I heard it will be released around year end 2011.

    2. We discourage posting of any illegal download links on ATY since we encourage fans to support the artist by purchasing the DVD (available through YesAsia at the links in the post and through YGE shop.)

  3. i cant get over how much his voice has improved since the last time we’ve heard WUA live. so controlled, so strong! he is definitely practicing and perfecting his voice to the best of his ability. i love ittt.

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