Taeyang sings at Eugene and Ki Tae Young’s Wedding

Taeyang was a guest at friends’ and fellow church members’ Eugene and Ki Tae Young’s wedding at the Seoul Central Church in Anyang, Kyunki-do last July 23.  Taeyang and 시온 sang “In this Moment” a song that Taeyang specially wrote for the actor couple’s wedding.

More on the song and photos after the cut.

Taeyang sang the lyrics “Eugene’s guardian angel “always protect/look after noona, Vector Man” causing the couple to laugh. (“Warrior of the Earth Vector Man” was a popular kid’s show 10 years ago. It was probably an ad lib. The groom used to be on the show.) The wedding ceremony overall had a solemn tone, however, Taeyang caused laughter with his congratulatory song and lightened the atmosphere of the wedding.

Sources: TV Report, Korea Press Agency and allkpop.  Fan taken photos c/o DCBB via happyrichlife.


20 thoughts on “Taeyang sings at Eugene and Ki Tae Young’s Wedding”

  1. What a dork! And who said YB wasn’t funny? Pshhhhh

    Great of YB to do this. The fact that he wrote the song especially for them was even more amazing. And Ji Eun? I was wondering who that was. Man…..YB and Ji Eun singing together again? Must have been freaking awesome!

      1. Oohh me likee.

        Who is she signed with?

        I wonder how she knows YB since he was the one to create the song. It looks like a duet. I’m guessing she’s probably a member of the same church YB and Eugene are part of.

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