Taeyang with Se7en and Seungri at the CJ Foodworld Opening (110719)

Taeyang took some time off from the studio to attend the CJ Foodworld opening last July 19, along with Se7en and Seungri. (YG Family is an endorser of the CJ Group.) Nice to see Taeyang finally meet up with his hyung – wonder if they have any plans after the event?

Photocredits as tagged via 518% and Big Bang Updates.

7 thoughts on “Taeyang with Se7en and Seungri at the CJ Foodworld Opening (110719)”

  1. Is it me or have YB and SR been spotted together a lot lately? I see YB’s slowly sneaking himself into SR’s heart. GD better watch out! Haha

    Knowing YB and Se7en, they probably have another arcade battle coming up after this. So cute, how they act like 8 yr olds. But then again….boys will be boys!

    And YB looks gorgeous as usual. But that shirt….I’m still undecided on that one.

  2. yeah that shirt is a bit awkward. Anyways, i miss young bae with his tilted hat =[ But i will always love him no matter what! =]

    1. not digging the shirt much too but the man himself is fine haha.

      anyway it has always been the case. Ri is taller than YB who’s really the shortest in Bigbang.

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