Korean Music Wave 2011 in Singapore – Fancams (110715)

From all reports, the July 15 Korean Music Wave in Singapore was a huge amount of fun. Big Bang was the final performer of the night and performed Tonight and Love Song and ended the whole set with Hands Up. Taeyang performed Where U At and I’ll Be There for his solo. (Seungri and GD & Top also did solo and duo performances.)

BB Interview and Taeyang’s Chili Crab Dance
Uploader: isyalove

Taeyang’s Solo and more fancams after the cut

Where U At and I’ll Be There
Uploader: shellhouse

Uploader: isyalove

Uploader: 1986coyoung

Uploader: shellhouse

Hands Up
Uploader: jachohjac

Minus one jacket or no, looks like someone had a lot of fun…

Thanks to all the uploaders and those who tweeted in the fancams! To all ATY readers who managed to attend the concert – let us know how it went!

24 thoughts on “Korean Music Wave 2011 in Singapore – Fancams (110715)”

  1. I went crazy with Taeyang’s random chili crab dance and Seungri’s English!! Looked like they had fun!!

      1. okie dokie; here it goes – my Fan Account of Korea Music Wave 2011:

        The concert was scheduled to start at 7.30 but as usual, it started ard 8 pm..

        The first opening act was FT Island and they rocked the house!! They sang a total of 4 songs.. I sang along to their songs becuz I like FT Island too!! But anyway, I shall write about YB & Big Bang (BB) amazing performances..

        The crowd went wild when BB was the last act.. A sea of yellows filled up the stadium and the power of SGVIPs were seriously AWESOME.. I totally salute SGVIPs which includes me!! hehe.. BB sang ‘Tonight’ first and I missed seeing DS on the stage.. His part was sung by SR though I could still hear DS’s background voice.. The dancing, the vocals & the energy BB had were just amazing.. When they sang ‘Tonight’; me & my lil’ sis literally jumped up from our seats & waved our light-sticks like there’s no tomorrow.. Everyone from the crowd seemed to be singing along to ‘Tonight’ cuz it was sang pretty loudly.. Me & my lil’ sis were cheering on for YB all the time (even though I was sick).. I must say; YB looked EFFING HOT!! wahaha..

        SR was da first to perform & he sang ‘Strong Baby’ & ‘What Can I Do’..

        After that; it was YB’s turn to perform.. He sang 2 songs – ‘Where U At’ and ‘I’ll Be There’. He seemed to cut short the songs but he did great!! He wore black pants and red-studded jacket; da one which he wore for his performance at 2011 Big Show (I think) and it was mind blowing to see him in person for the first time!! What u see is what u get from YB – he’s the REAL DEAL!! =)

        YB seemed really hyper yesterday.. The crowd went crazy when he threw his jacket at them and some lucky fans got it!! I was hoping YB would actually sing one more song; maybe ‘I Need A Girl’ but he didn’t!! But let me tell you, his live performance was TOP NOTCH!! He sounds exactly the same as the cd version!! haha.. YB danced and sing at the same time without feeling breathless!! AWESOME TO THE MAX!!

        After YB; GDTOP was next.. They performed ‘Knock Out’, ‘Oh Yeah’ & ‘High High’..

        Once GDTOP had performed their songs, BB was back on stage once again and sang ‘Love Song’.. It felt incomplete without DS.. Seriously man; it’s just not the same.. DS’s parts was sung by SR once again.. When they end the song, BB said ‘Bye Bye’ and waved at the crowd.. The SGVIPs were demanding more, they shouted and screamed for encore!! Encore!! Encore!! =)

        BB came back and sung ‘Hands Up’.. Everyone was up on their feet; dancing, singing and jumping at the same time!! Seriously, BB NEED to have their own solo concert show in Singapore!! YG needs to know that BB is not only popular in Korea but WORLDWIDE too!!

        One more thing to add; I saw a couple of YB fanboys in KMW yesterday.. I didn’t know that YB got a lot of fanboys in SG.. There was even a fanboy who wore YB’s WUA new-era cap & da SOLAR black tee.. hehe.. 🙂

        I hope this fan-account is okie with you guys becuz I wasn’t able to remember all the details as I wasn’t feeling well during the KMW concert.. But nonetheless; I still went for it becuz I wanna see YB!! 🙂

        1. : YB was doing the dougie during the interview part when he suddenly rapped about the chilli crab!! haha.. YB will alwaz be a dork!! during ‘Hands Up’ performance; YB took off his black jacket & this time around, he didn’t threw it to the fans but instead dropped it on the stage-floor.. YB was totally hyped during ‘Hands Up’ performance cuz he was jumping & dancing around the stage.. 🙂

        2. : correction – YB wasn’t da dougie dance.. maybe I mistook it cuz i couldn’t see properly as my seat wasn’t dat near to the stage.. hehe.. sorry; my bad.. he was simply goofing around when he ‘rapped’ about the chilli crab.. 🙂

        3. lol.. i was sick too but i have been waiting for this so long of course i had to go. i was there with my brother. he wore my taeyang solar hoodie. he didn’t mind being seen as a YB fanboy. he waved my 2NE1 fanlight too keke.

          and i saw other YB fanboys too. i love seeing his fanboys cause they are not ashamed or afraid to show their love by wearing YB stuff.

          i actually wrote a long post too about the KMW but somehow it disappeared after i clicked post comment. maybe if i have time i will rethink and rewrite an account.

          i was actually waiting for YB to do his regular somersault on the runway stage during Hands Up cause i want to see the crowd go wild seeing that haha but a pity it didn’t happen. probably cause the stage looked kinda small or cause he had his dogtag on. he did put his mike down at one point though and i thought he was gonna do something lol but then Ji already walked to the runway stage and so YB went to pick up his mike which was gonna roll off soon lol.

          i have to say this was my 5th time seeing Bigbang live, first time to hear them sing Love Song live. but even though it’s the 5th time, it always feels like the first time all over again. you can never get enough of Bigbang live performances. to add on there was the awesome 2NE1 too. so much high in one night, i think the stadium would have gone down if the whole thing was a 3-4 hr YG affair!

          my real next goal is to go to a YB solo concert. i wanna spend 2 hours with just him.. waiting patiently for his next concert (:

        4. OMG!! that was perfect Fan Account!!
          I’m freaking happy to read it…..TAEYANG is so AMAZING!!!!!
          my country.. Thailand, Taeyang has tons of fanboys too!
          they idoilize and love Taeyang as thire role model, Even many guy idols in Thailand realy like Taeyang as their idol!

          ATY please make special article for only about Fan Account for people who looking for Fan Account of YB in Singapore!

          thanks 🙂

    1. yep… his manager / BIGBANG manager… go to the audience and asked to give it back

      and my question is… did he get it again his jacket ?

      1. Apparently security was asking people to open their bags so they could check it while they were leaving the arena.

      2. security was checking everyone’s bag, but i heard the fan who had it ran away from security so she could keep the jacket. i don’t blame her for doing it (who wouldn’t want to own a jacket youngbae has worn!?) but that’s also stealing =/

  2. youngbae’s english. omg, who knew it was so polished already!? i can’t stop listening to it.

    1. yes i got freaking high when i heard him speaking english. i kept looking at the screen to see and hear what he said.. he was so cute when he said “i can’t hear” when the mcs were asking him what his favorite local food was. and then he said “actually i don’t know much about singapore food”.. he just was that adorable and honest.. and then when they asked him to say he will try chilli crab, he had to go shout “chilli crab” with so much win.. my gosh and the unplanned dance with TOP.

      compare this to last year’s korean pop night in singapore, the boys didn’t speak in english at all during the concert. this time was awesome! and the tweet from YB made me smile.. i know how it feels to be able to see him and the boys.. and i hope they will go to more places to perform and to meet their fans so everyone can have the chance to feel like we do. sometimes i just wanna move to seoul so that i can see them more easily.. but i don’t have the courage and means to do that yet.. hopefully one day i can achieve that dream.

      1. yes! the “i can’t hear” and the “what was that?” part were SUPER cute because it shows he actually understands the appropriate tenses for colloquial answers like that. soo cutee.

  3. BIGBANG is not BIGBANG without Daesung…. hope Daesung rejoin BIGBANG soon! Epic performance at singapore though, BIGBANG ftw!!

  4. OMG!!! super excited watching these videos. Seungri is sooooo unihibited and carefree i love his spirit. Taeyang’s english cant get anymore perfect. He’s the only one confident enough to answer to english ahhahahah he’s soooooooooo finnnneeee

  5. I’ve been away from ATY for too long,didnt realise how much I missed the boys and one boy in particular! what was I thinking to busy myself with other things?! lol

    Looks and sounds amazing as usual, Dae’s absence is felt very dearly though :/

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