[Updated] More Taeyang in LA! (fanaccounts and pictures)

Every time I come home from work it seems like there’s some new Taeyang related news and today was no different. Seem like Taeyang had another productive day working with production group The Underdogs.

It appears as if Taeyang will be returning to Korea soon and today was his last day in the USA.  Let’s look back at his time here a bit. Seems like several fans camped out to see him.

~~~~ FAN ACCOUNT 1~~~~

It was brief (though that won’t stop me from writing an overly wordy fan account), but needless to say, really really cool.

I got to Harvey Mason’s studio in North Hollywood around 3:00pm, and there were already 5 girls waiting in front for him. They were a group of friends all the way from Long Beach who had been waiting since around 2:00, and a few of them were my Fuck Yeah Big Bang Stuff tumblr followers! Small world. It was great to meet you Casey, Melissa, Melina, Laura, and Serena! 😀 (Sorry if I spelled any of your names wrong)

It was REALLY hot waiting and standing outside of the studio, but we were determined to stay until he came.

While we were waiting, one of the people who worked at the studio, Dabling, was actually waiting with us, keeping us company. Dab had a camera and wanted to document the whole thing, including our reactions when we saw him, after realizing how much we wanted to see Taeyang. I think it was because he found the whole thing kind of fascinating. He told us that he had never really heard of Taeyang before working with him (and he didn’t even know of Big Bang before we showed him our albums!), but he thought it was really cool finding out that he had so many devoted fans. We met a few other people that worked at the studio during our wait, and all of them were really nice and impressed with our devotion LOL.

Dab told us that Taeyang was supposed to arrive around 2, and that he didn’t know why he wasn’t there yet. He said that Taeyang seemed pretty soft-spoken and not completely fluent in English, but that he was really nice and talented. An hour or so into the wait, he said, “I’m sorry guys, he cancelled.” He was messing around with us, but all of us girls FREAKED for a minute thinking that he was serious. One of the girls even cried, which Dab anxiously captured on camera lol.

Finally around 4:30-5, he came! Dab had told us that he’d be arriving in a black Cadillac Escalade, and when it finally came, Taeyang actually opened the window and stuck his torso out and waved. As much as we had talked about trying to keep our cool when he arrived, we couldn’t help but all scream when we saw him waving

He got out of the car and asked if we wanted autographs, and all of us said yes right away. At this point though, all of us were completely speechless that he was actually in front of us, and it was really quiet for most of the time he was signing our things for us (we all regretted this afterward, but we were just too starstruck to really think of anything to say or what to do). He asked for each of our names for the things he signed for us and was careful to get the spelling right.

I mumbled in Korean asking him if he could write both my Korean and English name, and he was happy to do so. He wrote both along with his signature on my Big Bang 4th mini-album and my photo of him that I brought:

We all wanted individual pictures with him and for him to stay out longer with us, but the staff and Taeyang all insisted that we could only have 1 group picture with him that Dab would take on his camera (and email to us right away) before he would have to go inside to start working. We gathered in for a group picture, and Taeyang told us, “Come closer!” to scoot him closer to him after stretching his arms around us for the picture (squeal). It turns out that I came out HORRIBLE in the group picture, but oh well ;__; We said thank you and goodbye to Taeyang, and he headed inside the studio with everyone.

A bummer about no individual pictures or hugs, but we just saw Taeyang, so we were all happy nevertheless.

I still can’t believe I saw Taeyang, a member of Big Bang, in real life while he was in the US, and I’m honestly still kind of in disbelief as I type this (yes, I’m a loser, I know).

Well, 1 down, 4 to go 😉

Fan Account by Sara @ bigbangupdates

~~~~ FAN ACCOUNT 2~~~~
ONE WORD: SHIT!!!!Today, July 7, 2011, I met our future husband, Dong Young-Bae and Choice 37.I woke up at 8am a little nervous. At first, I wasn’t sure if I could actually do this because considering my luck, I’d show up when he’s not even there.

We left at 9am [vid below]

Finally arriving, we spot the hotel at 1030am [vid below] & picture
We all decided to walk to Beverly Center since it was literally down the street. Bae tweeted around 4-5am, and I figured he’s probably still asleep. We finally got back to the hotel, at around 1145 and we sat in the patio area. I kid you not, I was so nervous being within Young-bae’s vicinity. I almost spazzed for breathing the same air! Anyways, I just people-watched while my nephew played with his nintendo DS. Every now and then, there would be a paparazzi running around catching whatever Baseball player left the building.At around 130pm, I decided to get some water since it was getting hot and my nephew was thristy. Walking in, I asked the lady if we could sit inside, and she said you have to purchase something. I asked for a bottled water and also if I could use the restroom. Walking into the bathroom, I almost got lost and confused cuz everything was a mirror. I think I was in there for 10 minutes, cuz my nephew came in calling for me. Haha. When I came out, she only had a glass bottle of water and said it was around 13$ with tax [11$ without]. So, she just gave me a cup of water and told me to sit on one of the couches outside. So I did. Around 215, I started panicking because I had to leave to take my nephew to karate class. Praying, Choice 37 rushed out on his cell phone to the street. I figured he was hailing of a car, and he did. I think it was his family. He literally was a feet away from me, and when I called out to him, he didn’t hear me and rushed to the car when it was in parked in valet. My fan cam of that is fuzzy, since I was literally shitting balls cuz I knew for a fact Bae had to be at the hotel. My gut told me. Choice was still on his phone when a lady, and two guys, exited the car. They popped the trunk open, and took bags and bags out. I think they did some shopping =P. They rushed in, and I tried again to get his attention, but I felt bad for bothering him since he seemed to be stressed out.

FUZZY FAN CAM [Funny thing is, when I first saw Choice, I started shaking and every picture I tried to take ended up being something other than him. LMAO]
It was 245, and I was about to give up and I got a text from Janelle Marie (janellemarie15) stating that Bae is expected to be at the studio. I figured I might have missed him, or he rushed through the back, or something. So, I quickly got my stuff to leave, but Choice37 walked out again, and the people from earlier sat besides me. On impulse, I rushed to Choice37 and asked him.
Me: “Excuse me?”
Choice turned, eyes wide: “Yes?”
Me: “Are you Choice 37?”
Choice, jaw dropped: “Ahh, yes I am.”
Me: “Can I get a picture of you?”
Choice: “Sure, but Taeyang is going to come out in a few minutes. So you can take a picture with him, too.”
The Staff of the hotel:  “So you’re harassing guests now? I was wondering why you’ve been here for so long.” and he escorted me back to the patio.
Sitting on the couch, I watched the door of the lobby like a HAWK. My heart was racing, my palms were sweaty, and I swear, I felt like I was crying cuz my vision was blurry. Choice walked by me, and nodded, while entering the building. A few seconds later, there was Young-bae, in his cutoff black shirt that he’s been wearing the past few days with Laker Sweats, a hat, and no glasses. Choice and him were talking to a lady in a blue dress [i think it was their coordinator or something] inside the lobby [i could see inside because it was glass doors] and I think the lady asked for a picture cuz I saw a camera flash. Anyways, Choice walked out, followed by Bae, but Bae held the door for a family with little kids. He probably held the door for a good few minutes considering the family was HUGE. My mom said to me in indonesian, “that’s him? he’s such a sweetheart!”
Choice got a phone call. The coordinator lady rushed into their car.
Choice: “I’m really sorry about this. We’re running really late, and we are on the way as we speak.” He put the phone back into his pocket, and I stood up, and walked to Choice and he smiled.
Choice: “Right! We probably can take a picture right now?” [he asked the coordinator lady before she hopped inside their car]
Bae finally walked up to Choice and was literally right next to me. I was shaking ridiculously, and was shocked with how close his face was to me. He was wearing his shades now.
Bae: “Of course. It’s no problem.”
He turned and looked at me. He smiled, but you can tell he was in a bad mood. Probably very irritated that he was late. I handed my camera to Choice and Bae instantly wrapped his hand around me. I was literally in heaven. God could have killed me right there, and I would be happy. His grip on my arm was a bit tight. Anyways, we posed for a few seconds and Choice smirked, handing me the camera.
Choice: “I think the settings on video.”
I apologized like an idiot, and fixed the setting, and Bae posed with me again, but this time, his hold wasn’t as tight. Choice gave me my camera, said bye, and walked towards the car, and Bae was about to leave, but I asked him if he could sign my album.
Bae: “Of course I can. It’s no problem.”
My mom walked up to him, poked his arm, and laughed.
Mom: “So you’re the singer my daughter is in love with. You’re making her dreams come true.”
Bae chuckled, and gripped my sharpie. He smiled and nodded.
Bae: “Oh, yes I am. And it’s no problem.”
I pulled my nephew closer to us, and told him that he’s a big fan. My nephew felt intimidated because of how serious the situation felt, but instantly, Bae’s features soften when he saw my nephew. He kept glancing at him, and watching my nephew. I really wanted them to take a picture, but when I looked at the car, Choice was already hopping in.
Bae: “So, what’s your name?”
Me leaning in, and his hat hitting my forehead: “Sorry.”
He chuckled.
Me: “My names Felicia.”
Bae: “Felicia.”
Me: “F E L I-“
Bae: “F E L Y?”
Me: “F E L I C I A”
Bae: “Oh, I.”
He ganced up and smirked at me. YAY!
He signed, smiled, and gave me my album. I told him I waited for him since 10am, hoping to get a glance of him. He smiled and asked me, “really?”
I nodded and told him thank you continuously. He kept saying “thanks and that it’s really no problem at all.” He said bye to my mom, my nephew, and waved to me before rushing into the car. I watched him hop inside, and I left the hotel by then.
Mission Accomplished!
After 4.5 hours, I got to meet him. Almost left, but I didn’t because out of no where, Choice 37 told me that he was coming out.
Honestly, at first, I was really sad because he was in a bad mood. He seemed forced to be friendly, but after he took the pictures with me, he was friendly – but not too friendly. No head pats – lol, but no matter what, it was worth it. He’s hard working, and I think that’s why he wore his shades.
I can’t upload the picture here for some god damn reason, but it’s on my _daebabyy twitter
so FIRST, CREDIT BACK HERE or @_daebabyy on twittaaaa loves!
cr: bigbangupdates and devotedtothesun for the screen caps, @harveymasonjr, @realtaeyang, http://taebaebyy.livejournal.com/, @_daebabyy
These people are sooooo lucky to have met him. I’m going to be posting another fanaccount soon from someone on my tlist who had the pleasure of meeting Taeyang too.

33 thoughts on “[Updated] More Taeyang in LA! (fanaccounts and pictures)”

  1. do you think he will be leaving to korea tonight because tomorrow july 9th there is that k showw concert in seoul that big bang was suppose to attend. do you think he will leave tonight to make it back in time for that? so i can go to the airport and hopefully find him there!

  2. Great for them, but….

    “He said that Taeyang seemed pretty soft-spoken and not completely fluent in English,”

    This is kinda surprising. I really thought that Taeyang knew english.

    1. He knows a lot, he’s just not completely fluent. Many people have said he’s able to hold conversations no problem, but he probably just needs a little bit help with certain words.

  3. I love how we get more updates from him and other people when he’s in America as opposed to when he’s in Korea….maybe that’s a sign? Hahaha

    Lucky fans are freaking lucky! Meeting Taeyang? So jealous!!!

    Glad to see he’s so humble and nice. Taking pictures and signing autographs. Seems like it’s easier to do this when he’s alone as opposed to when he’s with the whole group.

    As others have said, I hope this is all related more towards another international solo album and not an American debut. As much as would love to see him in America, I thnking he would be better off in Korea for a little longer. But hopefully another international album might mean some US performances to promote it just a little bit internationally wise. I hope this makes sense. Haha

    1. Yeah, I agree with you. I hope YG comes up with clever ways to promote Taeyang in the US. He’s working with American producers now so we cross another off the list! YB’s got everything to be successful, but if he’s not marketed well or better, i doubt enough people are going to see/hear it. Now that I think of it, realistically it might take a few Taeyang albums for something like this to happen, and that’s perfect!

      Hmmm… I was also thinking. I don’t mind if Taeyang makes his US debut with this next album, I mean I won’t think any less of him if things don’t meet his/our expectations. If anything, I think it will let him know what else he and YGE need to do. Taeyang was born for this, he loves America man!

    2. I agree, I don’t want to see the whole se7en US debut thing again. If they do it, they need to it right. Lets face it, these days its all about the popularity and who you know. Theres amazing musicians out there with amazing voices, but we don’t know them because of marketing and such.

      Maybe if he got one featuring with Usher or Neyo, people would just sit up and be like, this guy is good. Cos he is =)

  4. that’s awesome he had fans with him! makes me remember when i was in korea last summer and camped outside the YG building to meet him. wish he was in the u.s. longer and wish i was able to see him while he was in l.a. glad to see he had a productive and great vacation!

  5. stupid wordpress, I couldn’t get the 2nd fanaccount to format the way I wanted it to no matter how hard I tried. Sorry about that

  6. These fan accounts just make me want to meet him (or at least watch him perform) even more badly. I just hope he or the YG family get to tour the entire US (not just NY and LA) one day soon, so that I get a chance to see him.

  7. Aw these fan accounts are so cute. Where is the justice in this world….I want to meet TaeYang lol

  8. LOL. BEST DAY EVER! On the first picture that Harvey tweeted, I was the one standing. But Sarah did a great job in summarizing our day with Taeyang<3

  9. I agree with czarinamae it was amazing!!! I was the girl beside the one holding the peace sign! If only he could stay longer!

  10. omgshhh I’m so jealous!!! I wish I would’ve went to hollywood today!!!! ): ): ):
    MAN how does everyone know where he’s gna be?!?! I still haven’t been able to figure that out! I hope he come’s back again!!

  11. This is really cool!!!! @daebabby, u made it!!!! xD

    On the other hand, it seems like a really short trip to America. IS he going to go back and forth like 2NE1?

    p/s: can i have his toned arms back again?

  12. Aaaah what a dream come true! I hope I’ll get to meet him like that too one day. So that I can to show him my Taeyang tattoo in person. I’m so happy for you girls! *jumping up and down*

  13. Reading these fanaccounts make me soooooo jealous!!! I SO HAVE TO see him before I die! LOL

    These fans are definitely really lucky 🙂

  14. the Important Question is: is this for Taeyang 2nd International album OR Bigbang International album ?

    coz deep in my heart i want his 2nd International album not BIGBANG International album

    1. me too! I want Taeyang’s solo U.S. debute album , not Bigbang’s album…sorry to say this but
      Taeyang should do something for himself this time!
      he deserves more recognized more than he got in asia these day.
      TAEYANG deserve to be the World Superstar !!!

    2. But why would it be Big Bang album if it was just him there. Plus the Underdogs seem more like people who would produce YB type of music rather than Big Bang if ya get what i mean

  15. SARA! You’re really lucky. I just want to know who you are on the picture. HEHE. Also, felicia is very very lucky too. I was fangirl screaming here for the two of you.

  16. Wow….i think it goes to show, even when hes late for a studio session with highly regarded music producers, he still knows his manners and makes time for his fans. I thought Choice would of said they didn’t have time or something, but exactly the opposite. Glod bless them.

    @Felicia even thought the video was an accident (or maybe it wasn’t keke ^^) now you got a pic with YB and a short vid clip of him, awsome!

  17. Man I just watched Solar Concert DVD again yesterday for like the 10th time. And after reading these comments I’m more determined than ever to make his next concert. Even if it means skipping uni or going to Korea for just a week or something LOL. But I know it will all be worth it =]

    By the way….remember that song Taeyang composed on 2ne1 tv. Which was apparently meant to be on the Big Bang Album. I’m still waiting for it =/ Definitely should be on his next album if hes doing one!!

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