4Men Cover Taeyang’s I Need A Girl

Famous Korean R&B/Ballad group 4MEN had a concert on July 2nd and member Kim Won Joo did an amazing cover of Taeyang’s I Need A Girl.

Considering the level of detail and work that went into the stage and dance I say I spot me a fanboy, lol. Anyway, it’s nice to see that even one year after the song came out it’s still getting lots of love.

I especially love the crowd reaction, I Need A Girl is such a crowd pleaser  and Shaun did an amazing job with the choreography. Anyway, I love it and hope Taeyang gets to see this because getting covered by 4MEN is an honor.


cr: YBmania, nate, DYB518Solar@youtube


6 thoughts on “4Men Cover Taeyang’s I Need A Girl”

  1. very nice cover!! I have come to appreciate this song more now and after several artist made a cover of it..love the reaction of the crowd..Taeyang has to be happy because the song is still getting lots of love!!

  2. omo omo omo. i’ve been on yb’s twitter nearly every couple of hours….as he’s tweeting a lot since he’s away from korea. his second to last tweet was a bit confusing..seemed like he was going out to play…ormaybe do some dancing class….but then he retweeted from a producer…who tweeted that he;s making music for taeyang!!!!!!! hes produced music for toni braxton and mary j blige…..R&B queeeeeeeeeeeeens….omg i’m so excited. JT, chris brown……………so many more. omg

    1. Haha. Yes, he seems to be working with the Underdogs (they did Chris Brown’s No Air among many many other songs since the late 90’s – they’ve worked with a lot of the R&B greats) It’s great that he’s doing more R&B. Really excited for him (and us fans too.)

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