[Update 3] Taeyang is California Dreaming

As many of you guys know by now, Taeyang is on some “journey”. To where, he hasn’t said (but word on the fandom is LA again!!). However, he has kept us updated with some pictures. Seems like he’s hanging out with YGE producer Choice37.

Seems like fans were curious if he was riding this chopper or not so he made it clear, yes he was riding a chopper.

Not exactly sure what he’s doing with his hands, but he looks cute. See the YGE building be filled with choppers soon.

Then he posted this

realized he made a mistake and reposted it to include a picture.

He can be so corny but that’s why I love him. Word on twitter and tumblr is that he was seen shopping in the LA Chrome Hearts store (surprise, surprise). To be honest, I’m rather mad about these tweets since he seems to always be updating while I”m away from my computer T_T. But I’m glad he’s having fun in the sun, enjoying himself. He seems to really like LA (not surprising since he has lots of friends there). If any of you happen to run into him remember to be respectful and not scare him back to Korea.


He’s back on twitter and is now stranger than ever!

Oh lord, does he not know how dirty the sidewalks of LA is? This kid, shaking my head. But he’s so cute lying there. Haha. I don’t even know what to say. But I guess his love of MJ is bigger than the combine total of all  bacteria and dirt on the LA sidewalks. Also, YAY!! I was awake and at my computer for this tweet.


Seems like Taeyang caught the twitter bug and tweeted again with an update with a picture from the TONIGHT mv shoot.

Aww he looks like a little kid in this picture, look at those chubby cheeks. It seems that he’s feeling a little lonely in America T_T and is missing his friends back home.

I’m sure they’re missing him too. Maybe next time Big Bang can do a group vacation or he can bring more friends with him.


He’s even eating like an American, hopefully his trainer doesn’t see this picture, lol. It’s 4th of July in the US and I hope he gets to join in the festivities. I want to see him tweet some fireworks.

source: @realtaeyang

screencaps by bigbangupdates

*will keep updating if he decides to tweet some more.

26 thoughts on “[Update 3] Taeyang is California Dreaming”

  1. I feel your pain toozdae… Despite having a twitter account, I rarely go to it these days. (irresponsible fan, I admit…)

    However, I’m glad YB’s having fun and enjoying himself =)

    I also agree that he can be quite the dork XD that mistake with the last tweet (without the pic) then following up with one is just cute…hahahahahahahah!

  2. His fails are too cute for words…he should just accidentally tweet his location again…*whispers* he should get a tattoo while he’s here…just saying

    1. “he should just accidentally tweet his location again…*whispers*”
      lol! did he do it once on accident?

  3. Ahhh! I CAN’T BELIEVEEEEE THIS! I knew LA had something to do w/this journey the last time u tweeted but it was justa thought & now ur back? I jux left LA D; & it woulda ben a great happy bday surprise for me if I had saw u today! Gahhh~ idk wat to think, I’m overly shocked T_T & now ur back? I jux left LA D; & it woulda ben a great happy bday surprise for me if I had saw u today! Gahhh~ idk wat to think, I’m overly shocked T_T

  4. awww he’s so cuute ❤ & the picture with the sun haha such a dork ;P im so happy to see him updating his twitter, it looks like he having lots of fun hehehe ^__^

  5. i wish i could run into him here in l.a… if only i knew where he was going to be the rest of the time he’s here. it’s been almost a year since i met him in korea and it would be really cool to meet him here! but i’m really happy he’s enjoying his vacation in l.a.!

  6. awww he looks so great. I’m so happy that he has so much fun in LA ;D

    but in his picture I see, that he lost his muscles. Am I wrong?

    1. he’s not as define as when he’s solo since he doesn’t have to take off his shirt much.

  7. Wow, California again? He must love it here. I didn’t think his journey was literal, but hey he’s having fun and enjoying life for the moment. I think BIGBANG should be like this too! BTW, Youngbae looks so cute in these pics, I love the MJ one!

  8. Hahahahah!! Awww, his tweets are so cute!! Loving that he’s enjoying himself :))))

    I love the pic of him with the beach, he looks so cute in that one LOL

  9. haha omg Master Hwang will def not be happy about that last pic! Did anyone see Aimee’s tweets about hanging out with YB? I’m glad he’s getting to catch up with all his friends.

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