[Discussion] Solar One Year Later – Do you feel the same?

Happy Birthday SOLAR!  It’s been a whole year since Taeyang launched his first full album – and most of us have heard all the songs, watched the performances and have gone through the promos along with him.

Back when the album first dropped, ATY did a poll of which tracks were the favorite ones on the album. The results back then:

I Need a Girl – 21.41%
Take It Slow – 17.75%
Just a Feeling 12.42%
Wedding Dress – 10.89%
As You Fall Asleep – 9.03%
Superstar – 7.5%
Move – 7.45%
You’re My – 5.74%
Break Down – 3.84%
Solar – 2.62%
Where U At – 1.36%

One year later, do you still have the same favorite?  After the hype has died down, after seeing all the songs performed, understanding the lyrics and having lived with the album for a while, have your feelings changed?  Which has become the most repeated song on your playlists?

We were curious and decided to run the poll again to see how it goes this time around.  If forced to choose only one absolute, top favorite song off the album, which would it be?  And how do you feel about Solar nowadays compared to back when it first came out?

21 thoughts on “[Discussion] Solar One Year Later – Do you feel the same?”

  1. Actually my most played is Connection feat Bigtone off the INTL album but for the Korean it is defffff Take it Slow, that song is so sweet such a great album closer, cuz it makes you want to repeat. I love the album more now that a year has passed. I am relistening to the entire thing today and it doesn’t sound dated at all. It could be released again today and still hold up imo.

    Of course there are songs I like more than others, but there are no songs I hate. I like and R&B son

  2. Song wise….Take it Slow is still my jam. It IS YB….you can see him throughout the whole song. This is the one song where he truly owns it. Maybe it’s because he had so much input into it.

    Performance wise….I’m torn between Superstar and Breakdown. I love every performance of both. He just seems to be having so much fun on stage with them. And we all know a happy, goofy YB on stage is total ownage.

    I’ve actually gained more appreciation for You’re My. It was originally my “skip when it comes on” song but I’ve slowly been listening to it more and more.

  3. I need a girl for me. I remember….being harsh when the song first came out, probably was blinded with the whole -feat GD- issue and how the song was far from expected. A day after a month the song first came out, on a peaceful mind with all feelings put aside, i learned to love the song and was addicted until today. Who knew? Song was such a silent creeper. (haha do i even make sense –.–). Song has taken over TIS by a small margin though.

    *i miss u guys btw. I hope everyone is fine and well 🙂

  4. I need a girl has always been my favorite and has remained till this day. It’s just so cute, happy and upbeat. But I have gained a deeper appreciation for “Take It Slow” after seeing it featured here on ATY. Same with “You’re My”. Superstar and Move have also become favorites. I have so much love for Wedding Dress, but it has actually moved down my list. It’s still a beautiful song!

    @Tazanya That’s one of my most played songs too! Gotta love Connection!

  5. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. When YB said he wanted Solar to be “music that is full of hope on your way to work in the morning and gives comfort on your way back home” that’s exactly what the album has been for me. I said before that I thought HOT was the better album, but that I would probably end up playing Solar more, and that has pretty much been the case. Between the two, HOT is better, but Solar is my favorite for being a more sentimental listen. And after a year, I still haven’t grown tired of it.

    I was trying to think of my own favorite when I was writing this post and same as last year, I couldn’t pick. I think its even worse this time around because I even ended up liking the songs I didn’t like so much at first after seeing them performed (namely You’re My after the Solar Concert and Breakdown after Soulfest ) I have all these different categories for songs : “Always gets me to sing along” (Where U At and Just A Feeling Remix); “LSS Winner:Gets stuck in my head for the longest time” (INAG); “Makes me feel happy”(Superstar); “Makes me stop what I’m doing to listen” (Take It Slow); “Most calming “ (Move – and yes, that’s ironic.) But I suppose, if forced to pick my one desert island song off the album, it would probably be TIS since the studio version is just awesome.

  6. If connection was on the list I might have hesitated … but I still would end up picking my even then favorite… take it slow.. the song could sound sad one minute but so hopeful the next , my appreciation of it might begin at the fact that he himself wrote it but the choice comes down to it being just that good of a song .

    But since that first listen , I came to like some of my less favorite songs much more . I need a girl has finally warmed up to me 😀 … but I got to say solar won’t keep me satisfied for long so I hope Taeyang hurry it up with his next work

  7. I fall for take it slow ever since it came out….. until now XD~
    as well as connection and wedding dress.

    For me, I need a girl is just a whole “feat GD” thing. and to be honest, I didn’t like it that much to think of it as a main song. ‘d rather wedding dress or take it slow.

    when cutting out the bias side, I feel like some how, Solar album didn’t have a song that suit to be the main one to be promote in Korea and still reach the high place that LOAM did in 2008.
    (well, don’t count wedding dress because taeyang already promote it as a digital single before. also don’t count any in international album.)

    He can not promote with take it slow or move. even though i feel disappoint about it, I still understand why. (cuz even when he did the promotion it still ok, but it got ban after that.)

    I also like after you fall asleep but as always our boy didn’t do anything much with his feat-with-the-other song. so this song have a chance to show itself only when he sang in the concerts.

    I still curious about what kind of song he produce first before he decide to change them.

    A year already pass? …Wow

    I still wait for more from him XD~

  8. The whole album is on my fav list in my car.. I listen to it daily going to work and coming back ^_^ love “before you go to sleep + take it slow”

  9. I have to say Superstar. That song is totally my jam and makes me happy. Which is what YB does too, he makes me happy.

    I feel such energy when he performs that song and it was also my fav of the teasers (even though at the first listen I hated the teaser). Love that song. It’s hard to judge after but I definitely would like to add Connection and TIS and AYFA on my list. Love those songs

  10. oh man!
    i can’t believe it’s already been a year.
    these songs seem to not age for me.
    i feel like they’re just recently released songs in every listen.
    Wedding Dress will still be my ultimate favorite but i like every song in the album.
    i’d say i listen to INAG, TIS, JAF and AYFA (WUA excluded since it has been released as a digital single prior the album) more than the others but all the songs are still on repeat for me almost everyday.
    i think with Big Bang’s activities being on a halt til the end of the year we can hope for a YB solo work, either a digital single or a mini album. *crosses fingers*

  11. WUA and WD are my favorites – always and 4ever.
    Superstar and Connection – never fed up with.
    Break Down is interesting, and AFUF is good, too.
    JAF and TIS still make me feel how sexy YB’s voice is.
    And i dont avoid listening to YM anymore. I think it’s cool now ;))

  12. wow! its been a year since Solar has been already?! wae soo fast?! LOL anywayss when the album first came out, I remember checking day and night online for the special edition, i had my hands on one copy on yes asia for a good half hour, but then i lost it right away. i was on the verge of giving up when i got hold of one for sure and went thru a week of begging my mom to buy it for me and she did! i even personally picked up my package at the post office! gahh! i still remember how nervous and excited i was opening it!

    mhmm i think i should stop with that and get on to my fav song, mianhe… when the full songs came out Superstar definitely caught my attention especially how it was played as the background music for INAG mv teaser. As i finally had the chance to get my hands on the album itself, i listened to every song carefully. I would say Break Down and Move definitely grew on me! Move’s chorus really got me hooked and Break Down just caught my attention after he performed it live at the MAMAs. INAG was alright when i first heard it, like everyone it didnt really live upto LAOM and WD, but as he started promoting it, i got used to it and was on repeat for a couple of months for me. You’re My at first kinda bothered me because of the falsettos he did, but definitely after seeing the live performance from Solar Concert, i dont skip it on my playlist or rather ignore it when i do listen to it. Wedding Dress and Where U At will forever be my favs but dont count them since it was released as digital singles. JAF and AUFA were those two songs that i was really interested in when the teasers for it came out and when the full tracks did it were alright songs for me, didnt really stick to me that much. Finally Take It Slow, i would say its definitely that one song i end up choosing to listen and when i know its almost done i click the repeat button!

    alrightt this is getting to long already, mhmm overall Superstar together with Take It Slow and INAG are my top 3 songs from Solar after a year of its release 🙂

  13. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year already!!! I remember the same time last year as one of the most memorable moments I will treasure forever. I had SO MUCH fun with the quizzes and the teasers that came out towards this wonderful day – the release of SOLAR.

    My choice has changed A LOT since then regarding SOLAR and the songs in it.

    Like some of you, what I didn’t like about INAG was the featuring of GD in it, plus the totally different direction it went compared to HOT.I also remember Superstar not being my jam either, the reasons similar to INAG minus the GD part.

    Now my bias has ceased, and both of these songs are some of my favourites, and would often get stuck in my head without me knowing. LOL Like what @ILOVEMYBAE said, INAG’s a creeper definitely XD

    I wasn’t that into Move or Breakdown, they sounded… different and I thought YB moved towards an entirely different direction. “XD Though I loved After You Fall Asleep (it’s the one song that’s the second most played on my iPod, first being INAG surprisingly XDDDD).

    I didn’t choose Where U At or Wedding Dress, despite how much I love both songs, and would forever be considered YB’s classics on my list… I still love these songs no doubt, and would sing and dance along with it (probably looking like a fool in the process if I was in public XD).

    However, JAF was something new and similar to what I’ve heard from YB. I remember choosing “Just a Feeling” despite how everyone felt it was a very typical Teddy song during that time. The song just grabs me upon first listen, and it still does. 😛 I still love it, but not as much as I love Take it Slow now.

    The reason for TIS? I think it’s the JEWEL and the emergence of YB’s skills in lyrics and production of songs in the making. I loved everything about the song, the emotions, the beats, the composition… Even without understanding the lyrics, I thought it was a beautiful song that YB created. It was just beautiful from beginning, middle, to the end.

    I’d say, since last year… I do not feel the same. I have come to love the album as a whole. If there was also Connection in there, I would still have hesitated… I was already hesitating between INAG, Superstar, or Take it Slow… I think with Connection, it would have made the choice even harder! XD

    It’s so hard to choose which song I love the most, since all are beautiful and moving in their own way. I think my choice comes from having listened to the album for a year now, watched his SOLAR concert, and saw the change in YB’s personality since then. He’s really grown and changed a lot with the release of SOLAR =) [/essay end]

  14. still love love love Move. Even set it as my ringtone. hehe. Makes me pick up the phone faster when i’m in public since i must answer before teddy’s rap comes in. lol. but yea other than i play take it slow, where u at, wedding dress, break down, after you fall asleep and superstar alot too.

  15. overall i only like I Need A Girl, You’re My, Where U At…

    and i must say that this album not too good as previous album (HOT)

    when i heard mini album (HOT) dang… it was VERY GOOD and got scored 8 from me… but SOLAR only got 6 by my opinion


  16. the favorites don’t change, its still take it slow and wedding dress. However i think over the year the other songs grew on me more. Like Breakdown, and After you fall asleep, i liked them but i wasn’t feeling them that much. Thats changed now though.

    All I can say is, after HOT there was so much expectation for Solar, and he delivered. I mean their literally is not once song on the album which I don’t like. I mean even Big Bang albums, they have a few amazing songs but then theres always some which are a bit….okk. But for me so far, everything Taeyang has put out I have loved. Can’t wait till the next album

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