Thelma Aoyama talks about Taeyang (110620)

ATY recently ran a feature on Taeyang’s collaborations with other artists, one of whom is Japanese R&B singer Thelma Aoyama. Thelma guested on MTV Japan recently and talked about working with Taeyang (SOL) and Big Bang.

Translations after the cut –

MC: You’ve collaborated with BIGBANG SOL before right?
Thelma: SOL was the first overseas artist that I collaborated with. Artists in Korea are very stoic [disciplined]. They have a strong sense of professionalism. On the MV set, he kept on practicing and singing.

MC: Very devoted. What is the real (face) of SOL like?
Thelma: We filmed an MV together. That was the first time we spent a long time together. SOL is so shy.

MC: Yes?
Thelma: He is a shy boy so if we leave him alone, he is like this (she pretends to be SOL at 0:45)

MC: Really?
Thelma: But when we talk with staff saying things like – yeah! [she acts out someone having fun] , he can enjoy saying/acting like ….  So if we talk to him, he would be very pleased.

MC: I see –  a little bit like me.
Thelma: Really?
MC:  Yes, if nobody talks to me, I am all quiet.
Thelma: Kidding ?
MC: I think I’m lying (laughs.)  What is the charm of Bigbang?

Thelma: The charm? Each member has their own position [role].  G-dragon has leadership. Like at rehearsal, he has the ability to put the group together as leader. Top(‘s ) is Rap. Sol(‘s) is Dance and Singing. D-lite(‘s) is singing and he does MC too. VI(‘s) is talk show and he does solo too.  Everybody is multi-talented.

MC: Did you actually did meet all of them?
Thelma: I have, I have. A couple of times.

MC: Really? Where did you meet them?
Thelma: At the concert and we went out and had a meal together.

MC: You guys are that close.
Thelma: Yeah.
MC: The friendship is deep!!
Thelma: (waving hand and shy)
MC: You!! Wow!
Thelma: Wow! (laughs)

MC: Please watch the clip BIG BANG!!

(Concert clip of Big Bang performing “Tonight” ,”Beautiful Hangover”, “Hands Up”)

MC: That was the BigBang concert clip! How was it?
Thelma: I went to the one at Makuhari.

MC: You saw this?
Thelma: Yeah, yeah. Very powerful live.

MC: That’s right.  And this (waving hand like “Tonight” performance).  This hand move is so cool. I want to use it somehow from now on…
Thelma: Where? (laughs)

MC: OK now please watch the MV of Thelma where she collaborated with SOL. What is the highlight of the MV?

Thelma: The stage has front side and back side.  And it’s turning around. There were quite a lot of complaints that it made them dizzy. And I thought  – I have done it(laughs)  But it’s a good MV so please watch!  Thelma Aoyama and BigBang SOL –  Fall in Love!

Translations by Yuko@ALWAYSTAEYANG.COM | Do not remove credit when posting elsewhere

Thanks to happyrichlife for the upload!

4 thoughts on “Thelma Aoyama talks about Taeyang (110620)”

  1. Oh the irony….talking about YB’s collabs and this interview comes up!

    Her description of YB sounds exactly like him. Leave him by himself and he’s super quiet. Talk to him and he can party non-stop. Haha

  2. Here is Thelma mentioning Taeyang again (around the 3:46 mark.) The interview (conducted in English for Arirang) was during a visit to Korea to promote her latest album.

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