Taeyang with Big Bang at the LG Optimus Big Mini Concert (110625) – Photos

Early press photos from Big Bang’s LG Optimus BIG Mini Concert held in Seoul on June 25, 2011. We’ll be updating once we have more photos, and hopefully, performance fancams.

Photos credits as marked via twitter, bigbangupdates.com and soompi.

12 thoughts on “Taeyang with Big Bang at the LG Optimus Big Mini Concert (110625) – Photos”

  1. performance without dae? 😦 bigbang isn’t bigbang without dae. (in actual fact bigbang isn’t bigbang if 1 of them is missing)

  2. They’re looking tired and sad. You can tell everything’s been taking a toll on them too.

    On the other hand…..YB back in hoodies and a fitted cap…yay!!!

  3. Youngbae definitely did something to his hair. That hat does not sit on his head like it usually does. Hmmmm.

    1. I was thinking the same thing!! I wonder if he cut it off completely, or what? Just so many questions. Since Shaun said he will be working with him soon, I wonder if the haircut is for a comeback (solo)? Or if he cut it so he can try a different hairstyle finally?!?!?

      1. HAhaha, I like the speculation. Woah, GD almost looks like a girl in the last pic.

        I think this interim deserves a thread about possible Taeyang hairstyles/cuts. I don’t want Taeyang to look “pretty”, personally.

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