Taeyang with Big Bang at the LG Optimus Big Mini Concert (110625) – Fancams

Taeyang fancams from Big Bang’s LG Optimus Big Mini Concert.  Press photos here.

Many thanks to DYBLGE  (518%) and juckdo (sol-mate)  for the fancams!  (We’ll be updating this page with any new ones.)



Love Song

Stupid Liar

Last Farewell

6 thoughts on “Taeyang with Big Bang at the LG Optimus Big Mini Concert (110625) – Fancams”

  1. Just watching these fancams made me want to cry. Try as they might to hide it….you could tell that the boys were sad and have been deeply affected by the incident.

    I’m just happy that they were still able to smile and laugh after everything.

  2. is he changing his style ? New Era Cap into Trucking Cap ?

    coz i saw it third time since BIGBANG comeback from Japan concert

    1. Ohhhh….the only thing better than YB’s voice in a capella was the fans singing along with the song.

      And oh no…SR looked like he was tearing up when they were singing Haru Haru. I think the fans singing and supporting them must have really affected him.

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