[Fanfiction] Rumor Has It …

My friend (going to call her CJ as an alias) had the chance to attend a party recently. She originally didn’t want me to post this but I thought this was something fans should see. We compromised and I can only show you the most tame of the pictures and I can’t tell you everything that went down but I managed to convince her to let me show something. I mean we have a right to know who Taeyang really is, right? We’re fans, we buy his albums and I think we should know the real man under the Chrome Hearts sweater.

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.


CJ said she arrived at the party around 12:30 am and it was just starting to get crazy, alcohol everywhere and scantily dressed women and men just milling around. She was there for about 30 minutes just chatting with her best girlfriends when BIG BANG comes in, walking out like rockstars. While she’s more of a GD fangirl I had asked her to keep an eye out for Taeyang for me.

Anyway the boys came in decked out in leather and neon colors and of course everyone paid them attention (they were BIG BANG so of course) but they tried to stay low key and just went to the side to drink. She managed to snap a quick pic. Surprise surprise, it seems like someone was partaking in a some alcoholic beverages, tsk tsk.

She said everything was going well and the boys mostly kept to themselves (and a few in their close friends near by). But it seem that after a few drinks things started crazy. The boys started taking shots, and there seems to have been some competition going on with both TOP and GD screaming “shots shots shots” and everyone drinking. She said that they kept going and going, round after round and people kept dropping out. Finally it was GD, TOP and Taeyang at the end (here I was shocked and asked her to confirm because I thought he wasn’t a drinker but it seems like while he didn’t look happy about the drinking he was getting competitive). Finally he quit and GD and TOP continued to battle it out with TOP coming out the top (oh Choom TOP, why am I not surprised?).

She said the liquor never seem to stop flowing and at one point Taeyang got up and started wandering about, away from the couch BIG BANG had taken over. One of CJ’s friends managed to approach him (CJ was way too shy) and asked him to pose for some pictures. At first he was like no but after some begging and flirting by her friend, Taeyang finally said yes.

He was supposedly very, ah, friendly. But he looks like he was enjoying himself, look at these pictures! The friend even took some pictures with Taeyang but she refuses to allow me to post those, but lets just say they were very lucky.

After that Seungri came over to where Taeyang and the girls were and started refilling his little orange cup with more liquor. The DJ that was there started to play some song that got Taeyang pumped and he started raving and jumping around and acting crazy and he somehow got Seungri to join him. It was around this time that the girls made a quick getaway back to the safety of the other side of the room.

They went elsewhere in the giant house party for a bit (which is rather annoying since I asked her to keep an eye on him and why go anywhere when BIG BANG is right there?!?) and when they came back 20 minutes later it seems that Taeyang had somehow loss his nice black shirt and was fighting with another guy over this blue and black shirt (They’re not sure how it came to this but it is what it is). It was a very drunken fight according to CJ, which ended with Taeyang pushing the guy and running away with the shirt while giggling and screaming “I GOT A SHIRT!” in the same vein as the Lonely Island’s “I’M ON A BOAT”. Sadly they weren’t able to take a shirtless picture in the middle of all that confusion.

After putting on his new shirt it seems like Taeyang joined the rest of BIG BANG for some shotgunning. It seems like he was a little confused by the concept from all the questions he kept throwing GD and he drank his first beer the normal way instead but he totally shotgunned the next two (as seen here, and that’s his stolen black and blue shirt, sigh)

Around this time CJ and her friends decided that they just wanted to dance instead of creeping on the boys (personally, I would have kept creeping but to each his own) and started hitting up the dance floor. And then something amazing happened, Taeyang, Seungri and TOP came over to talk to them (I know, this sounds like something out of a fanfiction!). Seems that despite being totally drunk Taeyang and Seungri had remember them and they started chatting. One of CJ’s friends (let’s call her RM) is a big fan of Taeyang and so was more than happy to chat him up, sadly all he wanted to do was talk about puppies (smh, this is not how you chat up ladies, Taeyang!).

They all decided to move into one of the bedrooms so they can chat as the party was starting to get really wild. In the middle of chatting and Taeyang’s confession of his love of puppies, a guy came through the open bedroom door. It seems like the guy who Taeyang stole the shirt from hadn’t forgotten him and came barreling at him and knocked him off and over the bed and Taeyang went flying.

The guy also brought some of his friends and it started a giant fight between that crew and BIG BANG until the house owner threw the guys out (he was going to do the same to BIG BANG till he realized who they were). Taeyang ended up the night bruised and more than a little banged up but he was drunk enough to not really care. CJ even managed to take a picture of him after the fight and even got him to sign it!!! (he even signed it with a God Bless, isn’t he precious?!?)

Afterwards they kept partying and dancing and drinking and Taeyang was going around to everyone he could showing off his battle wounds. They found him sleeping in the bathroom sink (literally in the sink) the next morning with his stolen blue shirt missing and strange hickey marks on his neck (we wont ask questions about that ~_^).

It seems like Taeyang knows how to party after all.



BM and I were almost scared to post this on the off chance that someone would take it seriously and think it’s for real. But then we were just bored enough that we decided to not care and post this anyway. Just remember this is FALSE and just FANFICTION and posted FOR FUN!!!.

I say these pictures tell the story of a party gone wrong (or is it gone right?), anyone else want to tell me their version?

Photos are from the W Korea’s April 2011 Edition.  Interview here 

pictures cr: YBMania, DCYB, @bestrongnow,  bestiz


24 thoughts on “[Fanfiction] Rumor Has It …”

  1. omg i was going crazy! BAHAHAHAA this was actually fun reading. thought taeyang did have some crazy in him.

    good job for keeping me entertained! lol

  2. Hahaha hilarious! I loved that the W Korea pictures suited the story so well.

    Oh my goodness….this is what happens when ATYers gp into YB withdrawal!

    1. lol, yeah. I was really bored and wrote this. But it was fun and I do write fanfics in my spare time so it was easy.

  3. LOL at first I was shocked but then I realized it was fake in the middle of reading it. HAHA sounds like a really cool fanfic…AND AN AWESOME PARTY!

    I can totally imagine people taking this seriously though lol.

    Party Hard Taeyang <3~

  4. Ok i don’t know how i missed that Fanfiction part of the headline but i started reading and before i saw the first pic i thought this was real. #Fail.

  5. Lool this is so funny xD Especially with the picture. Imagine if this was real 0.o I think I would be really disappointed.

    1. Wow….why would you even say that? Not to be mean, but toozdae obviously put a lot of effort into the fanfiction, even going so far as to add the W Korea pictures which suited the story to a T. ATYers are pretty supportive of each other so I don’t even understand what possessed you to comment with that.

      Like I said, not be a mean….but just saying….

      1. lol, don’t even sweat it cuz I’m not even mad. She’s the one wasting her time tbh, I wrote it mostly for my own enjoyment, sucks for her that she wasted time reading it.

      2. I really wasn’t trying to diss anyone. I just felt like I was about to read something new about TY and then it turned out to be nothing which possessed me to say what I said. Let me rephrase it then: “that was a waste of time FOR ME”

  6. I laughed my a** off while reading this. XD It is so funny and Taeyang is Taeyang in some parts of the story. And it comes off with pictures! 🙂
    Love your fanfic. I just hoped you’re gonna make some more. TEEHEE

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