Taeyang for Dazed & Confused July 2011

Not sure what the concept is exactly…Taeyang as a dirty boy? (Not that I’m complaining.)  Many thanks to YBMania for the scans!

Photos are from the July 2011 issue of Dazed & Confused Korea. Each of the Big Bang members were individually featured on the cover (5 different covers for the month); each magazine will have the same Big Bang photospread plus extra photos of the particular member featured on that cover.


15 thoughts on “Taeyang for Dazed & Confused July 2011”

  1. I think this is the first time I’ve seen him wear different earrings.
    I’m really feeling the 3rd picture. Mann his side profile is smokiing. Though I am not sure what is up w/ all the grease. lol. Maybe it’s supposed to resemble a rock concept; hence the heavy eyeliner and nail polish.
    Needless to say, I am missing YB ALOT.

    1. He’s been wearing those Chrome Hearts Rolling Stone Lips earrings for a while now, since the start of BB’s last promo run iirc. (I remember all the comments from the fans when he was first photographed with them, because you know how he likes to stick with his favorites. Little changes are a big deal, haha.)

      I’m not usually a big fan of YB in these high concept fashion photoshoots because he is usually just so…himself? He’s not much of a character actor, as we know, so taking on new personas for fashion spreads don’t really suit him that well. I guess being the dependable and sincere type extends to his photos as well – he’s at his best only when he can show what he truly is. (Like those photos he did for F.ound and the black and white shots for the Daum interview.) That said, he’s a handsome guy so its not like the photos will really turn out badly.

      1. Really? I should pay more attn to BB promos then. lol.
        So supposedly he wanted to express good and evil in the photos. I’m guessing that’s the reason behind the line dividing his face..to symbolize these two concepts.
        I can see the evil (or darker) half, though I’m honestly not sure where I can see the ‘good’ half.
        But you’re right. He is usually very one-dimensional when it comes to these types of photoshoots; I too prefer the more natural settings.

        1. Ahh.. was that it? I didn’t get the whole duality concept myself… mostly I thought it was like evil was slowly creeping up all over him from the inside. (Like a weird alien thing taking over the good part) or like cracks on the outside showing the (flawed) interior. LOL – talk about overthinking. Or maybe the dirt just means.. he can be dirty?

  2. I really love the second and last picture. Would love the 7th picture better if he wasn’t making his fishy face.

    These type of photo shoots don’t really suit YB. He’s not be to really step out the box so these avant garde shoots are not up his alley. Which is fine with me. I wasn’t feeling the craziness everyone else had in their shoots at all.

    YB looks best in simple styles. Give our man some jeans and a plain tee and he can rock it with the best of them. I love how YB looks in black and white. For some reason, I think he looks even more gorgeous than usual in his black and white photos. There’s something about them that just gives him an extra umph.

  3. I wasn’t feeling his ‘umph’ in these photos as I did when he was taking those photos that show the authenticity and simplicity that YB is.

    It’s not just YB either, GD, Seungri, and TOP and Daesung I weren’t feeling it as well… They just weren’t… themselves, and I found that odd… Does that make sense?

    I know that TOP and GD can pull these high fashion concepts off, but still.

    Anyway… I’m going off the YB radar… I agree with @ygtaeyangbb, YB suits the black and white concept real well, and it’s usually when YB is simple and comfortable that his charm really shows off in photos.

    After all, he doesn’t like changes in his fashion (or hair, lol), and his major theme in his clothes is COMFORT, isn’t that what normal people like us all want too?

  4. The feeling I’m getting from looking at these is a person in pain, same with shots in other magazines. Tough, somewhat suffering, no smiles, can’t mess with me.

    I still think he wants to fit into his own image separate from the rest of BigBang and “tough and in pain” definitely wasn’t taken. Now… to find a way to make it glamorous in Taeyang style…uhh I like what he does with his hands in ‘fish-face’ pic. Or maybe if he grasped at his shirt like he’s trying to rip it. Taeyang in simple necklaces, one or two, also look pretty darn good.

  5. I’m liking the images tbh. It’s different. I’m guessing it’s a rock concept. One thing I’m annoyed by, is people complaining about how he doesn’t switch things up. I’ve read peoples comments about how he does the same poses in every shoot or complain about his hair. They need to let it go. YB is a very masculine guy. At least by kpop standards. He’s not gonna dye his hair blond and raid GD’s closet. I remember people complaining about his hair for BB’s comeback images this year. tbh I was complaining about the other 4 members’ hair.

  6. Dunno. Some pics are funny like the 7th pic. Can’t say much about this photoshoot like some of you, i prefer a much….simpler photoshoot? Not hating, just that i’m not really feeling his character change because you can see he’s trying to act to be a bad guy. haha

  7. Hmm, i think the opposite for the 7th photo. It’s hot! he looks so foreign. westernized feel on the 7th pic. love love love

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