[Feature] YB Collabs through the Years: Part 6 Teddy and eKnock (Kush)

I was unsure whether or not to include Taeyang’s work with Teddy in this series because that partnership has been the musical foundation of Taeyang’s solo work so far and thus seems on a different level altogether from the collaborations that have been featured.

Then again, it’s probably  Taeyang’s most important musical collaboration to date outside of BB so it must be mentioned in this series for the sake of completeness.

A lot has been said about how Taeyang should work with other people, and I agree. But that in no way takes away from the superlative work Taeyang and Teddy have done for both HOT and Solar and I do look forward to them working again together.  Teddy and Taeyang are like peanut butter and jelly. They just go well together.

eKnock (formerly Kush) was part of the amazing synergy that led to LOAM, Pray and Make Love on HOT and Move on Solar – all fantastic songs.  Needless to say, the next collaboration will be a highly anticipated one as well.

 Pray – Taeyang ft. Teddy (HOT, 2008)
As performed for the MBC 2008 Gayo
Uploaded by : Dicen100

Move – Taeyang ft. Teddy (Solar, 2010)
As performed for Solar Concert
Uploaded by: YBManiaOfficial2

Make Love ft. Kush (HOT,2008)
As performed for the HOT Concert 2008
Uploaded by: kpopcorner3

Thanks to the uploaders and to imayellowbanana@tumblr for the gif.

Next: Duets

6 thoughts on “[Feature] YB Collabs through the Years: Part 6 Teddy and eKnock (Kush)”

  1. Not much can be said of the YB/Teddy collabo than what has already been said of these two. Where would YB be without Teddy? Like BM said, they’re like peanut butter and jelly. Separately, they’re fine, but together, they’re perfection. He’s not just a mentor to our YB, but more of an older brother. Whether it be with music, or just personal life choices, I’m glad YB has Teddy to lean on.

    And KUSH! Definitely one to watch out for. Kush and YB also seem to go best hand-in-hand. I’m really hoping that Kush is going to have input on BB and YB’s next albums. YG seriously needs to let Kush release his creative juices on the YGFamily music.

  2. Hi I am a big fan of Taeyang … I love his music everything about him … I love this website … Please always support youngbae♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    awwwww youngbae and teddy … so pretty much♥♥♥ he respects his hyung.
    Taeyang and teddy = sexi songs i love prayer and move.
    Taeyang kush = cute song and … make love is a beautiful song
    already mentioned … I love Taeyang with all my soul ….
    oh yeah I forgot please please upload all the photos of baby Taeyang … I see them all… would make me happy ♥.♥ I want to know more about him.

  3. Oh, Teddy and Kush… They are just awesome!!!!!

    Loved, loved loved HOT and SOLAR for what they are – AWESOMENESS… LOL

    Though this is such a biased opinion, hahaha.

  4. Yes, I agree. YB should definitely try expanding his horizons and working with other people, but never stop working with Teddy! Great combination. Kush is not too bad himself, Move is one of my faves on Solar.

  5. I just love Kush’s voice in Taeyang’s Make Love. thats rrreally cool.. when i first heard, i was wondering who the hell is Kush and later found out he was one of like YG’s backbone artists.. lol.

    and Teddy + Taeyang together is definitely a thumbs up. double thumbs up! haha.. even if Teddy’s got the shortest line like in Where U At, it still gives a freshness vibe. their collabo is great. (;

  6. As far as im concerned, every song Teddy and Taeyang do together is a work of art. They just compliment and bring the best out of each other so well.

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